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Bisma Badr
Bisma Badr
St.josephs Convent High School, Karachi
Action To Be Repented
Published On Dec 10th 2012
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His eyes gleamed, twinkled; but this time it was not out of pure innocence but out of mischief. Mischief! who would know what mischief is?; except Ali, except those who have performed feats which even Neil Armstrong would hesitate before taking even a single, rudimentary step towards it. Mischief maker is a bold, impudent caricature who is very much unlike those boring, thoughtful masters which if one starts naming would fill pages. To name a few of them I would keep Thomas Hardy, Aristotle on the top of my list. Ali was a typical apology for Hardy, and Aristotle.
Carefully and stealthily edging away from his seat, Ali felt that this was the perfect time to take revenge. Why not do something which would not only please him but would also rouse humour in the class which was already suffocating with boring, dreary lectures of Miss Fouzia. Taking the rubber in his hand, he adjusted his position behind his friend such that he could not be seen by the teacher. Now was the time to act! To tell you the truth, a lot of precautions have to be taken before doing something naughty, for who knows the mischief maker would be the next one to get expelled by the Principal?
He aimed at the teacher.
Wheezing past the students, it struck Miss Fouzia on her eagle-like nose. The impact of this action was wonderful, for a wolf-like scream rang in the ears of the students. This was reduced to a squeak when the peal of laughter erupted from the students. Now was the real moment.  The job had been done and the only thing to worry about was its consequences. The glaring, wolf-like look in Miss Fouzia's eyes indicated to him that this was his funeral.
 Reason now returned timidly back to its throne. He knew that now when the teacher would inquire into this matter, every single student would shrink back from taking the blame, and he would have to be the scapegoat. Not really the scapegoat, for this was his own mistake, his own doing. No one had suggested this to him. This was his idea. Now that the crime had been committed, the reality began to descend on him bits by bits. He was actually right in imagining his future for now with a blurred vision, he saw himself being pulled by the teacher into the Principal's room. It would be clearly justified if one witnessing this situation was to compare him to a dog; a dog that is being brutally shuffled out of his master's house for now Ali was given the leaving certificate in his hands.
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Momina Didnt get it please explain it sounds incomplete please dont mind :) Momina
Dec 14th 2012

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