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Laiba  Mujahid
Laiba Mujahid
Fazaia Inter College ,islamabad
Published On Dec 10th 2012
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Triplets gonna rock
Leading in every walk
our passion is Islamism
We wanna show our Pakistanism
we wanna top and gonna rock
we will never stop
as prosperity I what
all lead by us
we aim for success
our game is success
it is a path which never stops
we are the daughters of Palestine
as we hate Israel
our journey along
but no destination to walk don’t worry my mother ,Aafia
our target is you
soon u will see that we will bring u
Oh just wait
Any mystery is awake.
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Comments 21
Naaemah Why? u shouldn't ya know because it's not real (anymore) :) Naaemah
May 9th 2014
aayla I hate this poem Aayla
May 6th 2014
wafa Howq r u Wafa
Apr 2nd 2014
Naaemah What about it? Naaemah
Mar 19th 2014
laiba Hmmmmmmmmmm...ur tolerance??? Laiba
Mar 7th 2014
Naaemah Kabhi kabar acha ho ta hai jis trah app kabhi kabar emotional ho jatay ho and also its in girls nature ...seriously.....GIRLS... Naaemah
Mar 5th 2014
aayla Laiba itna emotional hona acha nai hota Aayla
Mar 1st 2014
Naaemah I've never rejected u.....i thought i could do this but i couldnt bear it and my tolerance is my .... for u Naaemah
Feb 13th 2014
laiba Ya ,they have really scattered but 1 thing 2 b reminded ...... I m not a toy 2 be played with when other want 2 do so..... once u have rejected me, I wont become the same sort of laiba again.............. Laiba
Feb 8th 2014
Naaemah Wanna be sisters again? Naaemah
Jan 29th 2014
Naaemah Looks like triplets have dispersed..... Naaemah
Jan 18th 2014
Naaemah Yar manahil y did u change your name?? Naaemah
Nov 18th 2013
laiba So ur patriotism is only where every1 can c de speeches only n in ur columnssss only :) Laiba
Oct 17th 2013
manahil Laiba i think so that u r still in grade 6th. :D Manahil
Oct 15th 2013
manahil Yes laiba mujahid i admit this but is it not good to be patriot on a single place (by the way the speech i have done was also about patriotism) Manahil
Oct 15th 2013
laiba Jizakillah u r not actually that much patriotic as u seem 2 b in Laiba
Oct 15th 2013
Naaemah Hey manahil!! found you in v shine at last! Naaemah
Oct 6th 2013
manahil Nice poem (libi) Manahil
Sep 21st 2013
laiba Thanks Mathilda....:) @Naeemah yaa obviously v will rock..inshaAllah..:) Laiba
Dec 20th 2012
Naaemah Always nice and excellent and dont worry laiba me, Manahil, & you will rock!!! it's soooo nice that i don't know what else to say!!! Naaemah
Dec 17th 2012
mathilda Nice dp Mathilda
Dec 14th 2012

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