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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
The Haunted Island (part 2)
Published On Dec 10th 2012
Total Comments : 19
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I woke up to see that the sun was out shining brightly. Whatever happened to me last night must be my dream; it has to be because I was exhausted from the incident. I stretched and stared at the lonely beach. I wondered if I will ever be rescued. I started to search the island again this time in search of food as my stomach was growling like the lions in a circus. All I found was some coconut trees and that too were very tall to reach. Impetuously an idea struck me in the head, why not use my belt. So I took it off my pants and tied it around the tree and me and by giving force towards the tree with my legs I started climbing. I saw this kind of stuff in the movies, at that time it really seemed easy but believe me it was as difficult as completing your whole math book in one day (impossible) thank God I took some gymnastic classes and so my body was flexible enough to help me climb a tree. I finally reached the top and as I was going to knock down some coconuts with my hands, something griped my legs and pulled me down, I lost my balance and fell down hurting my leg really bad. Blood came trickling down my leg. I looked up and saw a totally black human figure standing on top of the coconut tree. It stretched its arms and howled like a dog then it looked at me straight into my eyes as if ready to jump at me and strike.
I could feel the raising fear in the air. I gathered up my courage, stood on my legs and started running like a crippled person. Even though my leg ached I did not stop. I could hear the howls and screams……..hold on, not one, there were thousands of them following me…..chasing me very fast. I ran for my dear life leavening everything behind.
Will Sarah survive this danger? Coming up in part 3.

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Comments 19
Berha Nooo why end it here!!!!!!!!! Berha
Apr 11th 2016
Fatima The best horror story I have ever read! Fatima
Oct 1st 2015
amna Woww..... nice story.waiting impatiently 4r next part Amna
Aug 6th 2015
Munkashay So suspense, eerie........ Munkashay
Oct 22nd 2013
FIZZA Nice!!!!excellent!!!! :) Fizza
Sep 8th 2013
Soha Excellent Soha
Aug 12th 2013
Marwa An excellent one reading the next part. Loved it :P :) Marwa
Jul 17th 2013
fatimah Unaiza, Ayesha, Rumaisa, Eesha,Dr.Gullasht, Bushra Hafeez, Maryam, Emel.....u ppl just make my day or should i say bright up ma day.u guys always fill my tummy with ur praising word now i wont feel hungry or thirsty anymore..hehehe..till Aftar. Fatimah
Jul 16th 2013
unaiza Splendid story!!!!!!!! Unaiza
Jul 15th 2013
Irum As Awesome As Ever!!! Irum
Jul 3rd 2013
fatimah Sorry guys my exams r starting so it will take two r three weeks more to post it on my screen.:( Fatimah
Jan 3rd 2013
Momina Really good i find it quite a good read, when is the nxt part coming out? Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
fatimah Hehe! thnx <3 Fatimah
Dec 20th 2012
Muhammad Well used grammar and hard words for me...hmmm Muhammad
Dec 18th 2012
Daniyal Gud Daniyal
Dec 13th 2012
Tooba Awsome but u didnt add anything new everything the same so plz send next part quickly Tooba
Dec 11th 2012
Sana Nice Sana
Dec 11th 2012
hira Well,im waiting!!!!!!!!!when is it coming???really well written story! Hira
Dec 11th 2012
Khadijah No,no,no,no Not here you should have not end it here.Uh no Khadijah
Dec 10th 2012

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