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Urwa Irfan
Urwa Irfan
Westminster School And College Karachi
General Nonsense
Published On Dec 10th 2012
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Teacher: Martina, why do you say that English homework is similar to going to jail for murder?
Martina: Because they both involve long sentences!
Teacher: I asked you to draw a cow eating grass. Where's the grass?
Pupil: Well, you were out of the classroom so long that the cow ate all the grass.
What do you call someone who keeps talking when people are no longer interested?
A teacher.
Which month has 28 days?
All of them.
Miss Smith, does money grow on trees?
Of course not!
Then why do banks have branches?
Teacher: Ali, name two pronouns.
Ali : Who? Me?
Teacher: Correct.
Teacher: Lily, can you give me a sentence beginning with 'I'?
Lily: I is the...
Teacher: No, no, no! You must always say, "I am..."
Lily: Okay... I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.
Teacher: What's the chemical formula for water?
Pupil: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O.
Teacher: No, of course not!
Pupil: But yesterday you told us that the chemical formuka for water is H20!
Source: The Usborne Book of Classroom Jokes

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Comments 17
Urwa Lalain, I haven't copied them from wikipedia, I clearly mentioned my source at the bottom of the page. Urwa
Mar 25th 2013
rameen Eiraj I will but if u will add me Rameen
Feb 14th 2013
mishaal I like the last one best!!! Mishaal
Jan 29th 2013
haniya Good ones Haniya
Jan 17th 2013
Maria All were nice :D funny.... Maria
Jan 14th 2013
eiraj fatima All of them are awesome the bank one was perfect plz do comment on my articles and stories Eiraj Fatima
Jan 12th 2013
seham Nice all are nice :P Seham
Jan 6th 2013
malaika Not good sucks Malaika
Jan 4th 2013
Soha Nice jokes! Soha
Jan 4th 2013
Tehreem I luv the pronoun joke nice one Tehreem
Jan 4th 2013
Momina This is the funniest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl Momina
Jan 4th 2013
Humaira Lame Humaira
Jan 3rd 2013
syeda Hahaha Syeda
Dec 23rd 2012
hafsa Last joke was the nicest 1.;) Hafsa
Dec 16th 2012
Lalain You have copied some of them from the wekipedia but still nice jokes ;) Lalain
Dec 16th 2012
fareeha Hahahahaha Fareeha
Dec 13th 2012
l Nice Ones ... L
Dec 13th 2012

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