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Aleena Majeed
Aleena Majeed
Kinnaird College For Women
School Life
Published On Dec 10th 2012
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Hello Friends...! Today I want to share my personal experience with you guys...I want to tell you that the most beautiful part of life is "School Life"...really...I am now realizing this truth because now I am just two months away to leave my school...Ahhh!!!.....I guess it’s the most hardest thing for a student to leave his/her friends , teachers and a place which provides man with the real treasure of knowledge and a place where a person has spent the most important ten years of his/her life...We all know that friends are a real blessings of Allah , Almighty. The endless gossips , whispering during the lessons , free wanderings and birthday celebrations...all are so sweet....But , for me my teachers are also more than a blessings for me as they provide us with so much love that we can never be aware of their love...I really love my teachers...and I can never forget them. I don't know how but I guess now they have become a part of my life...I don't know what will happen after 2 months , when I would have to leave them...I don't know why teachers give so much love to their students..Why are they so nice? Why they make it difficult for the students to leave them?....I know that you guys will be thinking that why I am telling all this to you...But my dear...I am doing so because I really want you guys to enjoy this time...As this Beautiful time will never ever come back....!!!
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Comments 6
Abid Dear it all happens with the boost of life,school age is really an amazing age with true care,purity and warmth.but when we grow up we reach the Shakespeare 7 ages of life and among 7 ages,school life is the best one as well as childhood. Abid
Aug 12th 2013
Disenchanted. I have experienced it but I came back to my old school(yaaayy!!) I felt very bad cuz the school was like my 2nd home and teacher like the 2nd parents. Now,all u can do is pray for a better future for everyone else. Disenchanted.
Jul 11th 2013
Tooba Dats wat da truth is changes r part of ur life try to change wat u cant accept N try to accept wat u can not change so jst absorb it gudd luck for ur future!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tooba
Jan 12th 2013
Ayesha A wonderful piece of information Ayesha
Dec 20th 2012
peter Yeah!that's so true Peter
Dec 16th 2012
Momina I only stay in 1 place for 1 2 or 3 years cause im in the army and i have lots of experience in this thing. . . . i feel ur pain. i hate leaving wen i make friends and i loove my teachers. . . specially wen i was in England i made an awesome friend Emily and my teacher Mrs.Wendy Jeffrey was also awesome and i cried every night 2 weeks before i left England. . . england was 1 of the best experiences of my life. . . Inshallah more people'll share my experience. . . Momina
Dec 14th 2012

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