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Tooba Raheel
Tooba Raheel
Divisional Public School, Lahore.
Abdullah, A Patient Boy (last Part)
Published On Dec 5th 2012
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Days passed and so did months making Abdullah’s misery more and more as he longed to see to his mother. One day when Abdullah’s father came home he saw everyone’s face red. He asked “What happened?” Mariam said “We went to the hospital” “Why?” Abdullah’s step mother said at once “I went to do a check-up” Abdullah’s father knew something was up but didn’t bother to find out. After two months Abdullah’s father had to go to Australia for a business trip. Abdullah felt sad and lonely after he went. A day before he had gone to Australia he took Abdullah, Ismail and Mariam to shopping. He said” We will do shopping turn by turn. First Ismail then Mariam and at last Abdullah” Ismail had spent fifty rupees and Mariam spent one hundred and ten. When they were about to spend more he said” No that’s enough you greedy children. Now Abdullah will do shopping” To their surprise he spent almost a thousand rupees. They felt angry and when they complained to their step father he said “My choice you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are so ungrateful” Their mother just said” Don’t worry we will take revenge”
When their father had gone they bet him a lot. Ismail and Mariam full of anger kicked him out of the house in the rain. But the next day when they were not as angry as before they had to get him back because Abdullah’s father was coming back. They found him in the nearby forest sleeping having a blue face. They took him back but on the way they bet him and said” If you tell to father about this then we will beat you so much you will not forget” When his father came back he bought Abdullah a cheap phone (because he was small)+ thirty rupees and he gave Ismail and Mariam forty rupees. Ismail and Mariam again got hyper as the phone cost hundred rupees. Then he noticed Abdulla’s blue face. He touched his head which was boiling. He took him to the hospital at once. He was shifted to the I.C.U. at once. He asked the doctors “What happened?”  They said “Nothing serious it happens to people who are suffering from cancer” “CANCER??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY CANCER????” Abdullah’s father couldn’t believe it. The doctor looked surprised and said “Don’t you know about two months ago Abdullah Malik came with his mother (step mother). “What?”............ Ok bye” He left the hospital and went to Abdullah’s stepmother at once. “What happened? She said. “Why didn’t you tell me that Abdullah has cancer?” She said” What are you talking about? I don’t know anything” He slapped her and said” You should be ashamed of yourself. How would you feel if I treated your children that way?” Abdullah’s step mother did feel ashamed she prayed for Abdullah to recover quickly. After a week everyone went to the hospital. The doctor said “I am sorry but we can’t save him there is no chance” Everyone felt sad and ashamed of the way they had treated Abdullah. Abdullah’s step mother didn’t eat or drink anything she became really sick. After some years she had another child. She named him Abdullah. She treated him very nicely just as she should have treated the other Abdullah. She and her family lived happily but she could never forgive herself for what she had done with the other Abdullah.
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Comments 17
Aiza Awwwwww....... So nice story Aiza
Jan 12th 2018
Irza Awww so nice well done Irza
May 18th 2017
Maarij Maqsood Nyc Maarij Maqsood
Jul 5th 2013
Gullasht Hi fatima plz you like my story and comment on it ant in the castle Gullasht
Mar 27th 2013
Soha Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! I am gonna cry!!!! This was a tremendous story!! Keep it up:))) Soha
Feb 25th 2013
Fatima It really touched the heart Fatima
Jan 2nd 2013
Tooba Thanx dough of course I wrote it Tooba
Dec 23rd 2012
Duaa <3 it!!!! Duaa
Dec 16th 2012
Khadijah OH no ! You think it is not it is an EXCELLENT STORY Khadijah
Dec 14th 2012
Momina Now i like the aunt and dad a little sad Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Amna Fatima, i really love this story seriously, i feel that it touch my heart..... Amna
Dec 12th 2012
maryam Fatima u wrote it???????? Maryam
Dec 12th 2012
hira Well,it was a really nyc story but sad also!!! really heart touching..... Hira
Dec 11th 2012
leena Oh very sad but nice one Leena
Dec 8th 2012
Tooba Come on I'm not flattering but its not that good. Tooba
Dec 7th 2012
Amna Awwwww.....i control my self other wise i was suppose to cry:(((( Excellent story ever read:-)))) Amna
Dec 6th 2012
Khadijah Huh,you both sisters give a really SAD ending !!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a nice story. Khadijah
Dec 5th 2012

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