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Romasa Javed
Romasa Javed
The City School , Jinnah Campus
Life Of A Cat
Published On Dec 5th 2012
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Long ago in a small town there lived a family in which there were two sons a daughter a mother and a father. They lived very joyfully in a little house. They were not too rich but not even poor their life style was uncomplicated. The father was a writer the mother was a teacher at a school. In morning the father and mother went on their work and the children went to school. One rainy night came when the father was returning from his office. He saw a little cute kitten that was so cute that its loveliness captured the heart of the father and that father could not stop himself from take that kitten to his home. He then took the kitten to his home when he reached there he gave that kitten a bowl of milk with cream. The kitten was so hungry that it eat it all and then the father kept that kitten in a small box of wool. In morning the mother woke up by hearing the voice of the kitten (meow meow) when she saw the kitten she was confused that how did this kitten came here she asked the father he told the whole story to her and also asked her to keep a good care of it. The mother disagreed she said to the father that we cannot keep it hare because as u know I’m having asthma  the father said to the mother that you should keep yourself away from it. We cannot let it go it’s too little the moth agreed and from that day the kitten started living with that family the children were so happy that they had a pet they took a good care of it but not as much as their father. One day the mother asked the father to get the kitten vaccinated but the father couldn’t get time to do so. The kitten grew very old there and became very frank there but the mother still didn’t like the cat and wanted to get that out of the house once she also sent her servant to keep that kitten in far away from the house in a ground but even after that the kitten came back this was only because the kitten always went on a round in a day. Then came the horrible night that nobody ever expected the kitten was out for wandering suddenly when the kitten was crossing the road a fast car rushed from there and hit the kitten and it got injured then she saw a light in the sea if darkness and went to her home but there it was all heartbroken nobody there accepted the kitten after she was injured the father wanted to keep her but he could cause bad diseases and could harm my children so then they took the kitten far away from the city.
Written By:
Romasa Javed
Seerat Hameem
Samar Haleema
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Comments 2
Momina Really nice guyssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really liked it and it was kinda sad at the end...... Momina
Dec 17th 2012
saniya shokat Add , I Helped You .. !! Saniya Shokat
Dec 7th 2012

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