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Leena Shahzad
Leena Shahzad
Usman Public School
Floperty Bird And The Witch
Published On Dec 10th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a bird name flopperty bird. He belongs to winky. When the bird was a chick Winky's friend shankshong give Winky at his birthday.
One day the floperty bird said that "Winky you are good to me. You may pull out my one feather and make a wish from it. Winky pull out one feather and call his friend shankshong. They made a wish of a raspberry tart. Immediately there was thud behind them and there was a delicious raspberry tart. They set and soon finish it. When shankshong went home his wife a witch who was a very cross indeed give him food and said "sit down and eat" at once she snapped. shankshong said "no,i don’t want any" his wife said "why what you have been eating?". Shankshong tell her about the wish. She shout very loudly "what you waste wish on a raspberry tart. You should want some gold or a palace something like this. Shankshong don’t say anything and go to bed but that night his wife crept out of the cottage and crept in winky's house with a pair of scissors. And in one snipe she cut all the feathers of the bird. The bird wakes up and began to squeak. Winky and his friend shankshong were very upset. The witch went to the cellar and she wish to have gold. Immediately the sacks of gold come. One day shankshong notice this and tell to winky and the bird. They went to cellar and were shock to see sacks of gold. When the witch sees them she laughs at them. But the bird says no, the magic is gone. She opens the sack but there was a yellow grain of corn. The bird said that you feed on that grain until my tail would not grow. And the witch did.

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Comments 10
Tooba Amazing Tooba
May 25th 2014
hibba U r in fifth grade and write such nice stories!!! Hibba
Jan 2nd 2014
Rida NICE Rida
Sep 7th 2013
Irum This is copied from enid blytons book. she is a childrens stories' author. leena, ur not supposed to copy a story . ur supposed to make one Irum
Mar 3rd 2013
Arwa Nice story and please you like my story :) Arwa
Jan 24th 2013
Fatima Wowwww owsum Fatima
Jan 15th 2013
leena Thankyou for all this Leena
Jan 6th 2013
bushra Fantastic story Bushra
Jan 3rd 2013
Momina Really loved it more people should comment!! Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Momina Cool story Momina
Dec 14th 2012

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