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Haadiyah Sajid
Haadiyah Sajid
I'm Homeschooled!
A Stormy Evening
Published On Jan 17th 2011
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One day, everyone was busy. No one cared about anyone, as long as he or she was working. Amna was stitching a tiny sweater for her doll. She was afraid her doll might get a cold, since it was winter. Khadijah was fussing around with her computer (I guess you knew that—of course, she never did anything else!), and Maryam was on an animal rescue. Fatimah was pretending she’d never seen the house nor anyone in it before. She was inspecting, admiring and getting surprised. (I guess she’d lost some of her memory.) In fact, Fatimah didn’t even know that they had a baby brother (Rashid)!
Anna (short for Aneesaa), Amna’s cousin, was stitching a woolen cap for her toy puppy. Everyone was busy, everything was calm. No one cared about another person, as long as he or she was doing his or her work.                                                                                                     
Suddenly, rumbling was heard. Lightening flashed, thunder cracked. The black clouds that no one noticed burst open, letting a terrible storm pour. Still, at least nothing moved in the house. But then it did.  The lights burned out! Rashid and Anna screamed. When Khadijah’s computer went off, she screamed because she hadn’t saved her document. Fatimah screamed and said, “I thought we had a generator!”     “course we didn’t!” said Amna, “Rashid! Don’t move!” Amna had only one needle in hand. She picked up her tiny coat and needle and then, ran to Mum’s room where she bumped into her mum praying Isha. Amna didn’t have time to feel ashamed or to giggle at herself. She walked quickly to Mum’s bed’s side-table. She put the coat and needle on the table, fetched the emergency light, turned it on, and ran back to the lounge. Then she turned it on. Everyone calmed. “Hah!” said Khadijah, jumping off the computer chair, “How did ye get that?” “Oh, I just ran to get it,” said Amna. “At least Rashid didn’t fuss up.” Amna put the emergency light on the table and went to Mum’s room to get her stitching. Meanwhile, Khadijah fetched some candles and Fatimah (still pretending to be a stranger) asked Rashid questions about the house.     
Amna and Anna had resumed their stitching. The light was poor because Rashid was playing with it. He moved it here and there and Anna tangled up one of her stitch. Suddenly the door FLUNG open and SLAMMED back. Amna could see someone in the doorway, dripping wet. It was… Rashid moved the emergency light to the figure… Maryam. “Hi, Wet-ou-yam!” twisted Khadijah, lighting up a candle. “Had fun?” “Course not!” said Maryam. “I swung along with the puppy and we nearly bolted into a thunder flash. I took him to his mom which took an awful lot o’ ten minutes.” “What fun! Didn’t you enjoy?” teased Khadijah. Maryam frowned. She hated when Khadijah teased her for fun. “Khadi Akmal Ishaq, you’d better stop that teasin’ now, or ye know what I’ll do.” She shook herself like a horse. “Thanks,” she said, sitting beside Amna and Anna. “What do ye mean?” asked Anna, hooking a thread. “I mean,” said Maryam, “you’re stitching for me. I always stitch for Rashid, ye know.” “No problem,” giggled Amna. “Yeah,” agreed Anna. Suddenly the lights burst on. “Yayyy!” shouted Fatimah. She, Anna and Amna ran to the kitchen, to Mum’s room, and to the lounge. They raced that who would blow out more candles. Unfortunately, Khadijah had put up a magic candle. Anna couldn’t blow it out and Khadijah and Maryam laughed and laughed; they just couldn’t stop!  (And you would, too, because Amna’s face had turned all red from blowing.)  HA HA HA HA!

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Comments 5
Tooba Awesome story Tooba
Apr 12th 2014
Soha Superb! Soha
Feb 4th 2013
Izza A.O.A! Haadiyah! youR STORY IS SUPERB!!!!!! Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Haadiyah! you are genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........really!! you keep acreative mind!!!! Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Areeba Heyy haadi!! u got to put my name in some of yr stories just kidding.. nice story :) Areeba
Jan 28th 2011

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