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Saniya Shokat Junejo
Saniya Shokat Junejo
The City School , Jinnah Campus
The Royal Ones Salvatore’s
Published On Dec 4th 2012
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The royal ones
 ‘’Salvatore’s ’’
Long ago there was a family called ‘Salvatore’s, they live in the dark forests of Rabanastere they were just like normal people. the difference was they were the royal ones, they were strong, wise and brave people , they were one of a kind, they had long lives  but soon they started  to die, people started to kill them secretly whenever  they enter town, people started killing them but soon they were  dead, nobody knew that they were still alive or not, but they weren’t seem anywhere , but the castle they  lived was left dead, the castle was a beautiful one, the animals, plants sat there and sang songs, but soon it had an end, after 15 years there was a new government, they were rich, wealthy, and had a string power in the city, they wanted this castle, when they entered the area they were amazed, to see how royal houses, castles and statues they had, the ruler had the wish to live in this beautiful castle the ruler had a wife her name was Mareesa, she loved jewels and rubies and money, they lived in that castle, and had a good life, they had many servants  one of them was ‘’Rydia’’ she cleaned and managed the decorations, she was working for many years but she was getting older and older ,one day her owner ‘mareesa’ came in her room and said ‘’oh my dear, are you okay, if you want to  you may leave the job, you really were a great servant to have, she calmly replied: no milady, I had a great time here serving you people , i want to die here serving you people. I’m really happy to hear that. days passed so rapidly and Rydia started not feeling well  she wouldn’t be able to do work , so one day Mareesa came in her room and said , Rydia, are you alright ,  I heard you weren’t feeling well? oh no my majesty I’m fine just a little bit of cough, and madam she replied, yes Rydia any problem? Mareesa asked, I want to tell you something, milady i think you know everything about Salvatore’s , I’m one of them, the last one , now as I’m not feeling well is should tell you whenever a Salvatore dies the animals come near to the castle and start to bark and roar , and as a tree falls the person dies, Mareesa interrupted her, oh come on now you’ll try to impress me, shut up this nonsense, and ‘’slang’’ she left the room, actually Mareesa didn’t took any notice of this thing , she just forget it, days past and here came Christmas, Mareesa threw a party so everyone was in the castle enjoying then suddenly they heard roars of animals, such as dogs and wolfs, so Mareesa ran to the room of Rydia she said her I’m so sorry I didn’t mean , Rydia interrupted her calmly and said it’s ok , time’s over, and suddenly everyone heard a big noise and then Rydia closed her eyes and rested in peace but her death brought changes to Mareesa , she was changed she started making orphans , help poor people and from now on she never thought of not believing anyone .!

Moral: we should believe what people say , because someday it’s going to be our loss ..!

Written by:
Saniya Junejo
Iqra Fatima
Jasmine Khamuani

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Comments 5
Ali "She started making orphans?????????????" Ali
Feb 9th 2013
Dec 14th 2012
saniya shokat I Don't Get You Nabeah :/ And Urwa Some Times Things Can Bee True :D Saniya Shokat
Dec 5th 2012
Nabeah There are no periods after the sentences. why? Nabeah
Dec 4th 2012
Urwa I don't get it. The moral is very confusing. You mean that we should believe whatever anyone says................? I don't think that's right. Urwa
Dec 4th 2012

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