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Urwa Irfan
Urwa Irfan
Westminster School And College Karachi
Our Trip To Gaddani
Published On Dec 3rd 2012
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During our summer vacation, my parents took us on a picnic to a resort in Gaddani, Baluchistan. When we were told the news, I got very excited and started preparing for the trip. At last when we were fully ready, we set off in our car to Gaddani. We needed to cross the RCD highway. As we were going, I saw many buildings. The terrain in this area was sandy with little greenery. However, we could see bushes spread all over the place. We were at Hub Chowki now, which is the main town of Lasbela District in Baluchistan. As we travelled out of Hub Chowki, we saw many villages named Goth Ali Digar, Goth Pashu Singar and Mohammad Ibrahim Goth. There were goats all around. At last we reached the hotel. I was sleeping at that time. We went down to the beach but a crab had bit Asma’s (my little sister) foot so we had to go back. My Baba then took us to see some ship-breaking. We came, back, played a little, and went to sleep. The next day we woke up early, had breakfast and set off for home. I was very happy.
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Comments 11
Taibah Very good Taibah
Sep 15th 2013
arifa It's ok Urwa. Duh, Eman! It's my skool! Even if I wasn't 1of the comperes, I would have been seated with the audience...Urwa did really well. :) Arifa
May 4th 2013
Urwa Hi Arifa! Thankyou for your compliments. I'm sorry for the late response, I was unable to log on to vshine for some time. I do remember you being there at the Reflections competition... Urwa
Mar 25th 2013
Emaan Arifa you were THERE? Wow! Emaan
Feb 25th 2013
arifa CONGRATZ, Ms Irfan!! U came third in the Interschool Bilingual Declamation Contest at Reflections...tied with the participant of our school :) U did a gr8 job! And u also got a haircut! I recognized u the moment i saw ur name in the list of participants. I was the Urdu compere...remember? :) Arifa
Feb 6th 2013
Urwa I'm 11. This story got published in V Shine! wow.. Urwa
Jan 31st 2013
Lalain Urwa how old are you ? Lalain
Dec 16th 2012
Momina Totally with emaan Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Emaan I loved the umbrella hat of was awesome, I wish I had one :D Emaan
Dec 14th 2012
Urwa Thank you Emaan! Urwa
Dec 8th 2012
Emaan Asma is so cute! Sounds like you had an awesome vacation :D Emaan
Dec 7th 2012

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