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Arshah Waseem
Arshah Waseem
The Educators
How I Feel About Examinations
Published On Jan 12th 2011
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I personally have a very special feeling about the examination.Although they give me a tension and sometimes a headache too.

The biggest anxiety to have during the examination is the fear of forgetting everything which i have learned.Despite of these fears it also affects the routine.As for the examination you have to leave your favourite T.V programmes, cancel your trips, miss a close relative's wedding and excuse a guest for not giving them company. In short they are a source of excluding fun and entertainment from one's life for a short period.

Then in the examination room memorize all the answers because after reading them it looks like it is not the same copy from which i have acquired some new and exotic knowledge the very previous night. And after seeing the paper the first ten minutes just fly for thinking what i remember from it and for reading it. Then after solving and giving it to the teacher the discussion with friends and the opening of the copy tells the mistakes. After giving the last paper it gives a relief like i have been travelling for many days and have found a place to rest now!.But the result removes all the tension and stress and also opens the gate of rewards and congratulations from the teachers and the family.

Hence proved that if you work hard it will also repay you in a good sense.

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Comments 1
Bint waseem ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Bint Waseem
Mar 11th 2011

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