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Duaa Hassan
Duaa Hassan
Becon House School System
The Enchanted Tree Part 9
Published On Nov 25th 2012
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"......... I am a flower calling you. My name is lily and I am a lily calling you behind you.” “Oh!! Sorry!” said Susan apologizing. “I wanted to ask you that what is special about this country and what is this country?” “This country has no name and the most special thing of this country is a gold petal which I will give you if you do something for us which will be memorable and very useful and we won’t tell you what we need, you will have to think for yourself what to do for us. This time Susan again and as usually had an idea and whispered into Shaggy’s ears. Then they seemed to be thinking something. Suddenly Shaggy whispered into Susan’s ears. Susan shouted, “Wow my Bro.! You are amazing. Now let’s present our surprise to the flowers of this country.” “We have named your country as ‘The enchanted flowers.’ This made every flower of this country happy and they gave the gold petal to them. Then they reached to the tree and gave the petal to him. It was still 8:00. So they decided to do whatever they had to that day. The tree kept the three things on top of each other in a pile in front of him. He told both of them to keep hands on it on each other over the glowing pile of the magical things. So they did. Then the tree ran his hands above the pile in circles, his eyes closed and he seemed to say something by his lips, then he moved his hands above the pile in circles. Then when he moved his hand from above the pile, there was a machine instead of a pile kept there. It was a combination of the three magical things and the machine was very powerful. Then Susan and Shaggy were told to deliver the machine to the hunters. They went to the jungle and saw six hunters with two children chopping the tree. They went to them and said, “Excuse me, are you the choppers who are going to chop that unique tree down?” “Yes,” replied one of them. “I know you want to cut that tree. If you would, then it would be bad for you,” said Susan brave and boldly. “We will telephone the police and if you do not, there is a price for you. The price is a machine and it can do anything you want but that is good and it is a lifetime guarantee. And you will have to promise that you won’t cut the tree or I have the control for that machine to come to me. So do you accept my deal?” “Without any thoughts, they said yes. Then the tree was safe and Susan and Shaggy lived their lives happily and normally forever and went to meet the tree daily in the jungle........
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Comments 25
mubashra Hy how r u Mubashra
Sep 12th 2014
taskeen Nic pic Taskeen
Oct 20th 2013
Fatima Good and i agree with sana Fatima
Feb 26th 2013
Soha Why aren't you the winner??????????? Your story is just awesome!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Soha Teriffic!!!!!!!!! Excellent!! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Nimra Duaaaaa beee myyy frienddd and add meee plzzzz Nimra
Feb 7th 2013
Nimra Hey guys if anyone wants to be my friend so u can... duaa its excellent :) Nimra
Jan 23rd 2013
Shaliza Excelent work!!!! by the way can I ask u that in which branch or campus do u belong of beaconhouse school system? Shaliza
Jan 5th 2013
Soha Duaa! Why are u ignoring me? Please tell!! Sorry, if u mind something from my side!!!! Please, add me as ur frnd!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Soha
Jan 4th 2013
Amna Excellent Dua:-) Amna
Dec 18th 2012
Duaa Thnx everyone!! ALOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!! I will check ur recipe Tasneem as well as like it... Duaa
Dec 5th 2012
Soha Great work Duaa! Your writing skills are quite good, I see! I think you are fond of reading... please would you add me as your friend..............) Please!!!!!!!!! Soha
Dec 5th 2012
Urwa Its a nice story, but missing some very important details... Urwa
Dec 5th 2012
Dec 5th 2012
jia Hmmmmm,AWSOME STORY..... KEEP IT UP Jia
Dec 1st 2012
wafi Duaa!!!!!You are a excellent writer. Wafi
Dec 1st 2012
l I read the whole series and that's all AWESOME L
Dec 1st 2012
Khadijah I should say Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Nov 29th 2012
Khadijah Nice story Khadijah
Nov 29th 2012
Tooba Terrific! Can u accept my friend request. Tooba
Nov 29th 2012
Duaa Thnxxxxx alot Sana. An thnx Saqib. I hope so Sana! Can i add you in my friends? Duaa
Nov 28th 2012
Khadijah What Is The Machine Used For ? Khadijah
Nov 27th 2012
saqib Hhhmmm nice work... Saqib
Nov 27th 2012
Sana I think that.your story will the magazine... Sana
Nov 26th 2012
Sana Am I the first person to comment on such a gud story? It is aWeSoMe! Sana
Nov 26th 2012

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