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Sehar Shahzad
Sehar Shahzad
Divisional Public School Model Town Lahore
Silly Jokes!
Published On Dec 1st 2012
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What might you eat in Paris?
A trifle tower!!
How do we know that earth won’t come to an end?
Because its round!!
What are pre historic animals called when they sleep?
What music do mummies like?
Wrap music
How to make seven an even number?
Remove the s.
What kind of witch lives on beach?
A sandwich !
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Comments 14
mary Ho ho ha has Mary
May 26th 2013
Sehar Thanku :) Sehar
Jan 15th 2013
Maria AWESOME!!!! Maria
Jan 14th 2013
Sehar You are odd ! every1 appreciated but yoy said LAME ! your comment don't matter !! Sehar
Jan 11th 2013
Sehar Your odd ! Sehar
Jan 11th 2013
ASHER Nice Asher
Jan 11th 2013
malaika Lame Malaika
Jan 4th 2013
Sehar Thanks Sehar
Jan 3rd 2013
samayya Lolxx....awsum ! Samayya
Jan 1st 2013
Sehar Thankx Sehar
Dec 31st 2013
Sehar Hahahahehee !!!!! Sehar
Dec 31st 2013
Fatima Lol owsum Fatima
Dec 31st 2013
Sehar :) Sehar
Dec 31st 2013
Amna Hahahahaha Amna
Dec 30th 2012

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