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Soha Suhail
Soha Suhail
Pakturk International Schools And Colleges, Islamabad
Published On Dec 1st 2012
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This month of Moharram
Teaches us sacrifice
It tells us not to bow
In front of anyone but Allah
If we don't want to have a surprise
Hey! If you want to succeed
In every walk of life
Learn to be helpful
And always become cool and nice
This month of Moharram,
Tells us to live for others
And leave everything for truth,
Be brave and never show cowardice.
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Comments 20
Soha Thanks a lot dear :) I will surely read your stuff ;) Soha
Aug 17th 2014
abeera I meant things..... Abeera
Aug 16th 2014
abeera Your things are awesome but do read my tihngs...:( Abeera
Aug 15th 2014
Soha Happy Independence Day! :) May Allah bless this country with heights of peace and prosperity! :D Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Guys am back and would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Guys......!! Pakistan won the T-20 series against Zimbabwe! I am extremely happy :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Aug 25th 2013
Soha Happy Independence Day! Soha
Aug 14th 2013
Soha Eid Mubarak! Soha
Aug 11th 2013
Soha Sacrifice, surprise, cowardice are rhyming words matching stanza to stanza. Soha
May 29th 2013
Soha Ok.. it was my first try in writing poems... If u see that the 1st stanza rhymes 2nd stanza and so on but that's ok, I agree u! Soha
Apr 30th 2013
Laibah nice but not much rhyming in it I LOVE RHYMING POEMS !!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Apr 27th 2013
aasiya Welcumx! Aasiya
Apr 2nd 2013
Soha Thanks Soha
Mar 26th 2013
Fatima Nice Fatima
Mar 24th 2013
aasiya Humm nysh soha Aasiya
Mar 23rd 2013
Soha Thanks.. Soha
Mar 6th 2013
Moiz Good work Moiz
Mar 3rd 2013
Abdullah Your welcome! Abdullah
Jan 26th 2013
Soha Thanks alot! Soha
Jan 25th 2013
Abdullah Good work Abdullah
Jan 21st 2013

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