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Arifa Adil
Arifa Adil
A House On Fire!
Published On Nov 23rd 2012
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Wednesday, September 26' 12.
Dear Diary,
Today was a really hectic and tiresome day at school. We had a MATHS test. I felt very lethargic when I returned home. I felt like dozing off immediately so I fell into a deep sleep for about two hours. I ordered pizza for supper when I woke up. After a hearty meal, I settled reluctantly on my study table to do my homework when I smelt a peculiar and pungent smell....I looked in the kitchen but everything was fine there. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of very bright light out of the window. Curiously I went to the terrace to see what was going on....A NEIGHBOUR'S HOUSE WAS ABLAZE!!! It was one of my schoolmates' relative's residence. Then I heard a siren indicating the arrival of a fire brigade. Every neighbour was already there when my family and I went out. People were whispering to each other. We got to know that the inhabitants of the burning residence were gone out for dinner and the old and ill granny was still inside! The viewers were totally harassed and dumbfound at the sight of the glowing yellowish-crimson flames engulfing the house with a weak and helpless granny inside. Minutes later she was brought out unconscious by some rescuers and the family had returned too. Without further delay, the old lady was rushed to the hospital. Sympathetic neighbours were consoling the frightened family members. We got to know that the cause of the fire was an abrupt short circuit in the electrical wires. Later the crowd retired to their own homes and the situation was handled. We all learnt a lesson from this happening that we should all be careful and get our home electricity systems and electrical appliances regularly checked to save ourselves from such incidents!
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Comments 9
Wafa Great story Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
arifa Ooh! Welcome back, Eman ;)... as in I've 'heard' frm u after so long! Arifa
May 4th 2013
Emaan I almost fainted myself reading this story! Though that's normal in my condition, my blood pressure and sugar has become really low and I'm weak all over. Oh never mind that silly baloney, I caaaaaannn'tttt beeeelieve it! Emaan
Feb 25th 2013
arifa Surely Eiraj, I will :) btw plz visit 'my stuff' in my screen and read the article 'Peace in the World' by me Arifa
Jan 20th 2013
eiraj fatima I love ur story this awesoome and plz do comment and like my story tooo!lovely once again awesome Eiraj Fatima
Dec 29th 2012
arifa OMG!!!THX A MILLION RANIA,DUAA AND MOMINA!!!! :D and yeah, the incident is true though the date is not. Hey Dua! I will surely like ur stories and comment on 'em!!! Arifa
Nov 25th 2012
Raniah Nice. . Raniah
Nov 25th 2012
Duaa Such an awessomeeeeee story..... The creativity (the way you put it in diary entry form) was brilliant and the vocabulary used is Fantastic..... Keep it up and do like and comment on my stroy... I hope this story becomes the winner of this month of VSHINE!!! Duaa
Nov 25th 2012
Momina Really great story! am i really the first one to comment? and like? someone should comment on such a great story..... i liked the way u put the story into a diary entry form. . . . . its awesome! by the way, is it true??? Momina
Nov 24th 2012

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