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Duaa Hassan
Duaa Hassan
Becon House School System
The Enchanted Tree Part 8
Published On Nov 22nd 2012
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"......The second world was a weird one. It had technological background. Suddenly a man came towards him and said, “Who are you? Where have you come from?” he seemed a friendly man to them. He was a thin man wearing a blue T-shirt and Dark Blue jeans. He looked quite handsome to Susan. Susan replied the man friendly, “I am Susan and this is my brother Shaggy. But who are you? And what is this place called?” “I am Trock. And this place is called Techno City. Why have you come here for?” “We… actually… we… We came here to… alright!!! We came here for no purpose. I want to ask that what is special about your country.” “The special thing about our country is our pair of cells which last for a lifetime.” “Can you hand over the cells to us?” asked Susan politely. “But for that we need a thing we do not have.” “Susan and Shaggy thought for a moment and then suddenly……
Suddenly, Susan whispered to Shaggy in his ear. Then Shaggy replied, “Good idea Susan!!! You’re a genius!!! Suddenly they wished on the leaf to return and talk to the tree. Trock was surprised at their sudden vanish. Susan and Shaggy asked for some seeds from Skrimp. When both of them were given the seeds, they again returned to the Technocity. Trock was amazed to see them reappear after, like 2 seconds. “Take these.” Said Susan. “These are called seeds.” “What? Seeds?” “Yes!” replied Susan. “But what are seeds?” asked Trock trying to guess what they were. “See,” began Susan “Seeds are tiny ball sort of things which are planted in the soil. It needs water, sunlight and air. Oh wait we forgot to bring something.” Then Susan again whispered Shaggy in his ears. They again disappeared which even more shocked Trock. When Susan and Shaggy came back, they had a flower pot in their hands. “I don’t want anything. I want to learn the trick of your disappearing. This way I will disappear whenever I want to. “Okay, but for that you will have to plant these seeds into this soil in the pot and water it regularly and Yes, let some sunlight shone on it. And it also needs air to grow well. When it has grown, every leaf on the tree would be magical and if you put your hands on it and wish to go somewhere, you will automatically reach there. “Are you telling me the truth?” asked Trock doubtfully. “Yep!!!” "alright then we accept your thing. And in return, we can give you our cells." Trock handed over a pair of cells to Susan. They both then returned to the tree and gave the cells to Skrimp. “What is the time?” asked Susan from Shaggy. “It is only 5:00. We can easily take the other special thing from the last world and then save Skrimp tomorrow. Isn't it early?” “Yep but we oughtn’t to waste time and hurry.” The last branch wasn’t very difficult to climb so both of them reached a place which was filled with flowers. Not a human was to be seen. “WHO ARE YOU?” Yelled a flower at him. “I am Susan and this is my brother Shaggy. But who are you? What are you? Where are you?” “Oh my god!!! So many questions all together. Okay then wait!!! I will reply them all step by step. I am............"
Like this part cuz I wrote it with a lot of hard work.....
Wait until the next part is released...
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Comments 12
Nimra Hey dua in which class r u n its good story :) can i became ur friend dua hassan Nimra
Feb 5th 2013
Soha Duaa please can u add me as ur frnd? PLEASE!!!!!!! Soha
Jan 5th 2013
Momina It was especially interesting this part your hard work and effort are clearly shown in it Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Soha Sorry Duaa! I thought you have copied it, actually it is a very nice story and your writing skills are quite good. Soha
Dec 8th 2012
Ghumaisa Hi duaa i do remember u. i really like the story. Ghumaisa
Dec 8th 2012
Khadijah I agree with Arifa. Khadijah
Nov 27th 2012
arifa Now now soha....dnt be suspicious...gr8 minds can do gr8 work! :D Arifa
Nov 25th 2012
Duaa Thnx Sana and they are 12 years old. Both of them are but still they arent twins. Susan is elder Duaa
Nov 25th 2012
Sana Its very nice! Keep up the gud work! Sana
Nov 24th 2012
Khadijah How old are Susan and Shaggy ? Khadijah
Nov 24th 2012
Duaa What do you mean Soha??? I wrote it myself!!!! :/ Duaa
Nov 23rd 2012
Soha Duaa, have you copied it? Soha
Nov 22nd 2012

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