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Haadiyah Sajid
Haadiyah Sajid
I'm Homeschooled!
Pony Love Logo
Published On Jan 4th 2011
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Comments 17
qurratul GoooOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qurratul
Jun 21st 2014
Aisha Hello Haadiyah . How are you. I am Khadija's elder sis. Plz can you tell me that why are not sending new thindg and posting comments recently........ Aisha
Aug 27th 2011
l I am just 11 years old and in 6th class.i know i am bigger than you.when i read ur ABOUT ME ,i was amazed by you.and when i read ur stuff i did not believed that you wrote them all,and as you are so small and home schooled too so i think you cant do that all.please be my friend.first u was sending many thing ,why are you not sending now????REPLY MUST.......... L
Aug 27th 2011
Haadiyah How old are you Khadija? and keep in mind that it's not a REAL club (just imaginary). Haadiyah
Aug 26th 2011
l Oh wow!!!!! Your own club.By the way,can you be my frend please??? You are so sweet...Please reply it soon...... L
Aug 25th 2011
l Please reply me L
Jul 10th 2011
l Haadiyah i don't understand it.of what thing the logo is this. L
Jul 10th 2011
M@ry@m Coool M@ry@m
May 27th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA This is kool and loveeeeeely Rockingurl Mina
Mar 21st 2011
Aleena Ok haadiya! Aleena
Mar 6th 2011
Haadiyah I am a horse-crazy girl- I just LOVE LOVE LOVE horses. So i made a club. My bedroom is my horse club, PonyLove. You can borrow horse books, learn all about horses, etc. Now do you get it? And please do keep in mind that we are friends again. Haadiyah
Feb 27th 2011
Aleena What do you mean by CLUBHOUSE? Aleena
Feb 26th 2011
Haadiyah I said 'sorry' because I called you 'Aleena' instead of 'Sweet' !! And I told you before that my room is a clubhouse. This is the logo of that clubhouse! Get it? Haadiyah
Feb 18th 2011
Aleena Sorry Haadiya! I have not yet understand your words! And why are you saying sorry? Aleena
Feb 17th 2011
Haadiyah It's the logo of my clubhouse, Aleena ... Sweet. Sorry. Haadiyah
Feb 16th 2011
muhammad aleem Good efort Muhammad Aleem
Feb 16th 2011
Aleena What do you mean by this picture? Aleena
Jan 27th 2011

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