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Tasneem  Tayyab
Tasneem Tayyab
Habib Girls School
If I Were A Teacher
Published On Nov 22nd 2012
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If I were a teacher I would try to be the best. I would let my students pass notes and chew gum as long as they pay attention. But, they have to have and A or B average in my class to do it. If you get a 95 or above on a test you get a coke. If you get a 90 to a 94 you get a mini coke. If you get a 99 or a 100 on a quiz you get a candy bar. Every morning I will have my own study hall in my classroom where kids can talk, do homework, and ask questions if needed. At the end of every class 10 minutes before you get out you put everything away and just talk with your friends. I would also let you out a little early if you were going to lockers so you could get your stuff and not get trampled by other kids. I would make learning fun and want to be the coolest teacher to all the kids. I wouldn't be mean and I would teach either Language Arts or Math. The grades I want to teach are 7th or 8th. I will never give homework for the weekend. I will do fun and cool projects, not dull and boring ones. If a student gets a C, I will let them come into my class for help in the morning and they can retake it later after studying again. But that is only for tests. When it comes to the day of the CRCT I’ll pass mints out to everyone. My room will look awesome and full of colour. For my lunch class everyday 1 of my kids will be allowed to sit with their friends at another table. I choose that person by putting all their names in a bag, mix it up, choose 1 at random, and put that name in another bag. Once I am done with the first bag all the names will be in the second bag so I can start all over again. When it's time to read they can sit anywhere in the room to do it but they can't pass notes or talk during that one time. I would like to be the coolest teacher and be nice to my students.
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Comments 2
Ali Nice tasneem be my teacher yaar!!!! Ali
Dec 1st 2012
Aisha Really nice article... Aisha
Nov 23rd 2012

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