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Sheraz Khan
Sheraz Khan
Cadet College Larkana
I Am A Soldier, Born To Die
Published On Nov 18th 2012
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Afaque has recently passed from PMA kakul. He was appointed as second lieutenant in Siachen. His father was also in army. He wants to be a pilot but his mother wants him to serve army. After joining army he realized his duties and promised to serve his nation.
Siachen was a perfect place for him. He was excited to go there. His all arrangements were made.
He reached there just a week before his birth day. He was very happy because he was excited to go there, when he reached there, it was very cold there. Life was entirely different there. Soldiers were very brave. Their morale was above the sky.
He loved to be there in between such brave soldiers. They were having some canes of food; water was not a big problem there. They simply boil a piece of ice. The only way of entertainment was radio. But sometimes it also does not work. Duties were divided among them. He was senior among them. But he was very humble and caring person. Only in two days he made friendship with them.
When he was posted there, situations were normal but suddenly after 5 days life was becoming more difficult there. Glaciers were covering them with snow. Activities from army base camp were stopped. Food was about to end. And along with this firing from enemy side was also started. On 23 of November Afaque and his fellow men were trying to protect their mother land at the cost of their life.

24 November was a very important day for Afaque’s family. They were trying to contact him but they were unable to do this. His father was aware of harsh situation over there but he was not telling his family about this.
Indian soldiers were about to attack their camp. They were few miles away from them. Afaque has lost his three soldiers. He also got a bullet in his left arm. They were having a shortage of bullets.  He suddenly remembered a poem that he always used to write in his note book.
If I Die on the Battle Zone -Box me up and Send me Home
Put my Flag on my Chest - Tell my Mom "I did my Best
Tell My Dad not to Bow - He Won't get tension from me now
Tell My Brother to study perfectly - Keys of My Bike will be his Permanently
Tell my Sis not to be upset - Her Bro will not Rise after this Sunset
Tell My love Not To Cry - I am a Soldier Born to Die
His eyes were wet, it was his birthday and he was a step away from his death. He wrote a letter for his family and went outside to fight against his enemy. Firing was all around. He fought with bravery. He killed his entire enemies but in that war he also lost his life. He closed his eyes and remembered his life.
Everything was going in a flash back. He uttered Kalma and closed his eyes forever.
On 25 November, his family got news of his martyrdom.
They were in a big shock. But they were proud of him. He protects his country.
His last letter
25 November,
Siachen camp.
I hope you all will be very happy today. I know it’s my birthday but I am very sorry you have to cut my cake in my absence. I am very happy that on my birthday I am serving my nation. It is great to be here. I am again sorry that I did not write you even a single letter. Situations were getting worse over here. I am sorry mom that I did not fulfil your wish of becoming a groom. All of you promised me one thing that no one will cry on my death. I am about to die but I make you one thing sure that I am very happy to serve my nation. You all take care of yourselves. God bless you all.
Long live Pakistan
Long live Pak Army
Long live you all
From your loving son
Afaque Ahmed.
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Comments 12
raveeha It is very touching and shows that we love our country and are ready to give our lives for it.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!! Raveeha
May 26th 2014
Momina Oh INSHALLAH ull get ther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad is Lt Col in rank and in Dir right now, soooooo im in Abbotabad wit my Dadi and Nani and stuff. . . . Momina
Dec 14th 2012
saqib Nice story bro... Saqib
Nov 27th 2012
perah This is verY heart touching ............. i loVe it .hmmm... Perah
Nov 26th 2012
sheraz well Momina it is really great that your father is in army and i also love to join army army but there are still 2 years to go there... Sheraz
Nov 25th 2012
Momina I read that poem somewhere else and it was always one of my favourites. . . you are in a cadet college, meaning you are gonna go to the army? i live in Abbotabad, and my father is in the army. I live near PMA Momina
Nov 24th 2012
sheraz Thank you all.. Sheraz
Nov 24th 2012
shaista Thanks you all... Shaista
Nov 24th 2012
Wajeeha I luv it... =) Wajeeha
Nov 23rd 2012
Arshia Thats really a good touched my heart sooo much....keep up the good work... Arshia
Nov 22nd 2012
sheraz Thanks for liking's just fiction and nothing more than this. Sheraz
Nov 19th 2012
Sana Is it true? It IS very heart touching and very nice Sana
Nov 19th 2012

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