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Duaa Hassan
Duaa Hassan
Becon House School System
The Enchanted Tree Part 6
Published On Nov 16th 2012
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".......Now what you have to do is to collect a special thing from each of the world. You will reach in a different world when you climb on my branches which do not have leaves. I have 3-4 branches which do not have leaves. And if you have any problem and you want to return home or to me then take this leaf and say, ‘I wish to return,’ wherever you want to alright?” “Right.” He handed over a leaf to Susan which was red in colour with pink spots. “Okay we can start now. I will climb on you first and then help Susan climb you. What say?” “Right! I will push you upwards and then you can help me climb.” So Shaggy started to climb and Susan pushed him upwards. When Shaggy climbed on the first branch of leaves, Shaggy helped Susan climb up. Then both of them climbed on the first branch without leaves and reached in a land where there were candies everywhere but no chocolates were to be found. Suddenly they saw a dwarf man who wore a candy hat on his head. Susan asked the dwarf, “Who are you?” “I am Prink the dwarf. But who are you?” “I am Susan and this is my brother Shaggy.” “I have never seen you in CandyLand. Have you my friends?” Behind him came three more dwarfs like him. “No,” replied all of them together. “More dwarfs Susan!” “Are all the people who live here dwarfs?” ‘Yes!” “That is why we are confused to see such tall people in the Candy Land.” “What did you say? Which land?” “CandyLand. “Is this where we are?” asked Shaggy. “You bet.” The world’s most special candies are found here. But no chocolates.....”said the dwarf sadly. "But why no chocolates?" asked Susan. “It is a long story.” Began the second dwarf. “I am Slink. A little time ago, a dwarf named Snore wanted to rule the CandyLand. He was a horrible dwarf who was very selfish, rude and not friendly. He killed our real ruler and started to rule the CandyLand. Nobody accepted him as a ruler but he blackmailed us and said that if we won’t accept him as a ruler of the CandyLand, he would eat all the chocolates found in here. But still we could not accept him as our ruler so he ate all the chocolates in the CandyLand. Still he is the ruler and a last chocolate of the whole of the CandyLand is left and it was saved by me. And he knows about my saved chocolate and said that he would eat it as well if we do not accept him as our ruler. So we had to accept him as our ruler. We can add more chocolates in our country by taking this chocolate to a person who is honest, friendly and adorable and ask him to defeat our cruel and dishonest ruler. The specialties of this country are our chocolate and we don’t want to destroy our specialties.” “We will help you defeat your cruel ruler but for that you will have to hand over one chocolate of yours to us,” said Susan. “Okay! We would but only if you overthrow our ‘X’ RULER.” “Okay! But at first I want to know how to over throw him.” “See,” said Prink, “You are noble, gentle, adorable and honest. You have to........
Next part coming sooooonnn.......
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Comments 5
Soha Your story is nice....) Duaa, please add me as your friends!!!!! Please!!!!!!!! Do u know your friends, Ghumaisa, Tasneem and Rija are in my friends list!! But you aren't!!!!!! Please add me as your friend....) I wanna be your friend, please don't ignore me! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Momina @Duaa awesome i enjoy reading it alot and read as much as i can... my strategy is that i have your screen page open and when i wanna go to the next part i cancel the 1 i just read and click on a new 1 to read it..... @Rija i like your pic Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Duaa Thnx Rija Duaa
Nov 18th 2012
rija Oh! u should release other part its good bt a little bit boring 2 Rija
Nov 18th 2012
Duaa Pleasee, anyone comment. I know that no one is commenting becuz this part isnt gud. But please tell me. I wont release the next part untill someone commentss.... Duaa
Nov 17th 2012

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