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Tehzeem Hassan
Tehzeem Hassan
Sr-2 (the City School Kapco Chapter)
Published On Nov 16th 2012
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Hey every1...m gonna tell u about dreadful morning in my life.
We were having our breakfast. After, my mom was washing crockery. My mom went outside in courtyard without noticing anything, while, coming inside she had a huge SCREAM. All of us ran there, and saw the horrible thing.
What was it?
No one was 1st getting it.
My dad said it was hedgehog. It was in the veranda. Evry1 was frightened. My mom gave him (my dad) a stick. He kicked that horrible hedgehog out of home into street.
Its voice was so terrifying that it sounds in my ear.
I think 2 weeks had passed to this incident, but still I feel afraid while looking that specific place.
Oh! What a morning...

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Comments 32
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 21st 2014
Fardeen Ahmed U r scared of poor little hedgehog !!! U even hit it with stick and it scared him!!! Fardeen Ahmed
May 16th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Lol.......!!! A Hedgehog!!. Quite A Chicken , huh? Well Hedgehogs, I have seen in my house many times and my brother even Held in his hands! Ghazal Firdous
May 16th 2014
Gul Noor Oh,yeah!What do you know???BTW 'shut up' is not such a bad word.You talk as if u'v never said it.And stop butting in other people's buisness.Ayesha's insulted me infront of every1.I think she has the right to be called stupid by me!!! Gul Noor
Apr 5th 2014
Zainab Uf Allah, gul noor!!! Khuda ka wasta mind your language!!! :o!!! The other thing for be quiet (Shut...whatever) is not a nice word. and please ainda kisi ko stupid na kehna. it hurts ME to see a fight with bad words. Another kind request, is ko fight na samajhna. u 2 ayesha Zainab
Feb 24th 2014
KHAN Hedgehog is not scary but cute,do not do such a mean thing ever again and who is afraid of a hedgehog anyways??????.........Maybe the hedgehog has broken a bone or something.Will you like it if someone hits you with a stick?I hope you don't mind...... :-).Don't start a fight now!..... :-| Khan
Feb 1st 2014
Gul Noor Shut up,stupid aysha (ok,ok.........i'll stay calm i dont really care if u shove me off yer friends list cause i hate u anyways.) Gul Noor
Jan 19th 2014
Irum Ok , ok, . But atleast respect those who have phobbias, Gully nooryy Irum
Dec 26th 2013
KHAN Kindly please do not let your father hurt an animal again! Khan
Dec 23rd 2013
Gul Noor So i am.;)dear,munkashay u take ma side in every field:-) Gul Noor
Dec 16th 2013
Munkashay You are right, Gul Noor! Munkashay
Dec 15th 2013
Gul Noor Aysha,anything i say ur against it.are u saying that u shud hurt a livingthing.BTW hedgehogs are cute. if people think they are not im pretty sure they mean porqupines. Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
Gul Noor As a nature-lover,i think all animals are pretty as they are ALLAH's creations and to ALLAH every living thing is pretty. Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
Munkashay Mmph!:) A hedgehog is sooo cute, and I agree with Gul Noor, we SHOULD NOT hurt poor animals! (But PLEASE don't start a fight!) But, being afraid is not bad, sometimes people have phobias, hurting 'em is BAD BAD BAD!! :( But please don't mind, I hate to start a fight! Munkashay
Dec 14th 2013
Irum First of all, Gul Noooer , Hedgehogs arent pretty, and even if they are, SOME ppl are afraid of them and we shudnt tease themmmmm!!! Irum
Dec 1st 2013
Gul Noor Yu shud NEVER have hurt a pretty creature like a hedge hog!!!suppose smone hits u with a stick,huh????your silly to do such a mean thing!!! Gul Noor
Nov 29th 2013
sana Appi can you accept my request ? Sana
Oct 25th 2013
Rida Nice Rida
Oct 5th 2013
Zainab Interesting Zainab
Sep 26th 2013
aleena Funny lol Aleena
Sep 17th 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 14th 2013
areeqa Very nice story!!! n quite interesting too! Areeqa
Jun 9th 2013
Sirena It was a nice story and thanks for supporting me in the forum......lolz Sirena
Jun 3rd 2013
Hiba Tehzeeeeeeeeeeeem...a hedgehog, quite the way please read my stories and like them please....please....please Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
eesha Hehehe Eesha
Dec 6th 2012
dfg N0body is afraid of hedgehog.... Dfg
Dec 5th 2012
Abdullah Hedgehog say koi drta hae lol Abdullah
Dec 5th 2012
rija Cool dp n0w love it >3 Rija
Nov 28th 2012
Mahno0r Great tehzeem..:) Mahno0r
Nov 22nd 2012
Neha Aha..wht a st0ry my dear!! gud i meAn.. Neha
Nov 22nd 2012
rija Tehzeem the baby girl is nice in ur dp bt not looking clear:P Rija
Nov 18th 2012
Duaa Dont mind but Tehzeem you shouldnt act so reluctantly and pitilessly to a harmless small creature. It must have got hurt..... You didnt do the right thing..... You should have had done something else.... Duaa
Nov 17th 2012

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