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Tcsho Iti
Tcsho Iti
The City School
The Phantom Of Mary
Published On Nov 15th 2012
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It was a very fine sunny morning of Sunday. Catherine was still in her bed when suddenly she got the news of shifting the house. This was the house where she lived for about last 13 years. She was indeed born in this house. Catherine found herself in a very perplexed situation as she was unable to decide whether she should be excited or depressed. The new house was indeed really big with 8 rooms a kitchen and a large dining room but still Catherine had a bad feeling about the house. This house was Catherine’s new home but by the looks of it, it seemed 100 years old. Her parents were really happy about moving houses because this house was really big and was inexpensive. The house had a large front and back yard. Catherine already started making friends in town Todd, Terry, Fernando, Melissa. After a lot of time playing with them the friends finally asked in which house Catherine shifted. Catherine pointed towards her new home. All of the friends started gaping in open mouth at the house. Catherine didn’t understand their expressions and asked them what was wrong? They replied back that this house was haunted! They told her that the first owner of the house is haunting this house named Mary. They said that they heard screams and strange noises in that particular house. Catherine didn’t believe them however she was scared. She tried to invite her friends to her house but they ran away. Catherine didn’t believe her friends but wanted to get out of the house so she made strange stories of the house and told them to her parents and school friends but no one believed her. The problem was that the more stories she told the more frightened she became of the house. Catherine also heard strange noises but thought that Todd, Terry, Fernando and Melissa were trying to scare her to death. One day Catherine’s parents had to go out to do some work and she was left alone in the house at the night. She begged her parents to go with her but they disagreed. Now Catherine was all alone in the house. Catherine went to the basement because she heard a banging noise from there. When she came to the basement the sound had vanished and she started taking it as an imagination. Suddenly her eyes felt upon a new door which she never saw and it was hidden behind a big wooden cupboard. Catherine moved the cupboard and opened the door which she thought as secret. There lied a grave of Mary in the secret room. Catherine’s eyes felt upon a picture lying on the grave. It was a picture of Mary and the picture was covered with blood. By now Catherine got scared and locked herself in the bathroom. When she looked in the mirror she saw a face. Not her face but Mary’s face reflected from the mirror. Catherine let a blood curling scream slip from her lips. Suddenly she felt going back 100 years from now. Now Catherine was staring at the story of Mary and how she became a ghost. She saw that Mary was a really good and innocent woman. Mary was rich. However she saw that Mary’s uncle was jealous of Mary’s power so he tried to murder Mary. Mary’s uncle made a move of murdering Mary in the basement and succeeded. Mary saw her death. Mary’s grave was made in the basement. Suddenly Catherine came back in present time and by now she knew that Mary was trying to tell her own story. Mary’s reflections still flowed in the bathroom mirror. Suddenly Mary’s lips moved and Catherine watched in amazement as Mary spoke in cold words. She spoke that for the past hundred years she only wanted to be heard about her sad story but no one came to this house and lived in it but until Catherine. Mary said that finally someone had heard her sad story so now she will never come in this house again; she will sleep in her grave happily now. Mary said goodbye and thanked Catherine for hearing her story. In milliseconds Mary’s spirit vanished and now Catherine’s own reflection was back in the mirror. Catherine was shocked by this sight and there were tears in her eyes by hearing the story of Mary. Mary was half sad half happy after hearing the story, she knew that she had solved the ghost problems in her house. Now these problems will never occur in that particular house again. Now Catherine lived happily ever after……
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Comments 5
KHAN Ggoodd Khan
Dec 23rd 2013
KHAN Ggoodd Khan
Dec 23rd 2013
Momina Awesome quite interesting reminds me of a story i read on some scary website. also, its blood-curdling not blood curling. but dont mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really liked this story and please write more like these. and also, if any of u see a comment with the person roma written on it, then please write a comment on my stories and poems inform me about it for she's my bff and im findin her on vshine world. thanks guys :) Momina
Dec 17th 2012
Duaa Gud. but you have used the word "particular" alot of times... but still gud effort Duaa
Nov 16th 2012
Wajeeha Nyc =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012

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