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Praayashi Praayashi
Praayashi Praayashi
Loreto Convent
Positive Thinking
Published On Nov 16th 2012
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A little girl was passing by a public building. She was very charming and bore a remarkably enthusiastic expression. She saw a blind person sitting on the steps of the building. He was holding a sign board which read “Help me, I am blind”. On a closer look she saw a hat kept upside down near him and observed that the passersby were putting coins in the hat. But there were only a few coins in the hat. She decided to help him out. She took the signboard and wrote something on its other side and then she put it up so that everybody could see it. Now the hat filled up quite quickly. Then in the evening this little girl again visited the place to see if she was able to make any difference. The blind man immediately recognized her footsteps and said, “Thank you, could you tell me what you wrote that made this much of a difference?”  The girl replied, “I only wrote the truth, but in another manner”. I just wrote “It is such a beautiful day and I cannot see it. Please help me”.
Analysis: The first sign simply told that the man was blind, but the second sign was more effective as it also conveyed that the people were fortunate to see the beautiful world.
Morals Drawn: 
1. One should be innovative and creative.
2. One should be thankful to all that God has bestowed upon.
3. Extend a helping arm to the needy.
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Comments 9
zarmala Nice TALE with A nice ENDING. Zarmala
Oct 16th 2014
praayashi Thank you, Nazish :) Praayashi
Feb 4th 2014
nazish Amazing n really sad story with a gr8 moral. Nazish
Jan 31st 2014
nazish Amazing n really sad story with a gr8 moral. Nazish
Jan 31st 2014
praayashi I thank you all for your suggestions and appreciation Praayashi
Jan 15th 2014
Laibah A very nyyycccccc story Laibah
Jun 29th 2013
Momina Ive read this story somewhere and im quite happy u shared it with vshine and also wrote the morals of the story. Keep Shining! Momina
Nov 24th 2012
Duaa Such a touchy storyyyyyy, love it. This story is the best of all that i have read uptil now. And this is true.... Did you write it yourself or took the idea from somewhere and then wrote it in your own words by making some changes? Duaa
Nov 17th 2012
Simra Great work. Simra
Nov 16th 2012

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