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Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Head Start Junier High
A Horrible Day
Published On Nov 16th 2012
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Oh! My god I have turned almost to a size of a thumb suddenly I realized the advantages of being small. I started enjoying the change.
I was Sunday my weekend and I woke up late. I went to the washroom to have a bath and to brush my teeth when I looked in the mirror I could see myself in it then I realized that I have become the size of my thumb. I was surprised as well I had scary thought like what will happen when a drop of water fall on my head how will I brush my teeth what if the toothpaste fall on me. I became excited too when I thought of playing pranks on my sister. I was also thinking at the same time as to how I became so small. I went downstairs and the television was switched off and my sister was reading her book. I knew that she could not see me, I thought of playing a prank. I went and switched the television, my sister switched it off again then I opened it again. She became scared and ran away. Now it was time to take revenge! Yes revenge from a mouse that lived in our house! I know it is funny. I want to take revenge from it because it troubles me and keeps on sniffing everywhere. A horrible thing happened when I went to my room to find that ugly mouse. as I went in my room I saw my sisters cat  which looked very hungry and that hungry cat saw me and thought I was a mouse, she started running after me. Here, there, up, down, this side. That side, my feet had become so small that I could not run fast. Suddenly, it turned back to my normal size. Thank God I was saved from that hungry cat!
I thought this Sunday was going to be fun day but it was not.

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Comments 2
Momina Duaa, dont put mean comments, this story was quite an awesome attempt Momina
Nov 24th 2012
Duaa What was the point of this story????? Duaa
Nov 18th 2012

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