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Soha Suhail
Soha Suhail
Pakturk International Schools And Colleges, Islamabad
The Spoon
Published On Nov 14th 2012
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Patient: Doctor, I have pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.
Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.
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Comments 77
Soha Happy Independence Day! :) May Allah bless this country with heights of peace and prosperity! :D Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Happy Independence Day! :) May Allah bless this country with heights of peace and prosperity! :D Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Guys am back and would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Hehehe :) Soha
Jan 26th 2014
Fatima Thats totally okay. I understand how tough Pakistani schools are. :) Fatima
Jan 24th 2014
Soha Oh thanks a lot dear friend but you know I am very busy due to my school's work. Studies are very tough and I get very less time to open VSHINE. I am sorry and as you praised me a lot I'll try to post some more stuff :) Soha
Jan 19th 2014
Fatima Hey soha you must post more articles they are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!! keep it up friend :) Fatima
Jan 14th 2014
Munkashay Ha ha ha......:) Munkashay
Dec 16th 2013
Soha Thanks alot!!!!! Soha
Sep 10th 2013
Bismah Gooooooood joke Bismah
Sep 7th 2013
Nimra Welczz... :P :D Nimra
Sep 5th 2013
Soha Thanks Soha
Sep 3rd 2013
Nimra Oh acha acha thatz gudd.. :)) Nimra
Sep 1st 2013
Soha Nothing special Nimra........just school! Studies are great and I study in PakTurk International school Soha
Aug 31st 2013
Nimra Hey soha wtz going on? hws ur studies going? :) btw in which skul do u study?? Nimra
Aug 25th 2013
Soha Guys......!! Pakistan won the T-20 series against Zimbabwe! I am extremely happy :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Aug 25th 2013
Soha :) Soha
Aug 18th 2013
Nimra U welcum dear soha.. :)) Nimra
Aug 17th 2013
Soha Thanks :)!!! Soha
Aug 15th 2013
Nimra Ohhh gudd.. :)) Nimra
Aug 15th 2013
Soha Happy Independence Day! Soha
Aug 14th 2013
Soha Great! Soha
Aug 11th 2013
Nimra U welcum once again soha..!! :) btw how r ur vavctions going on? Nimra
Jul 30th 2013
Soha Thnx dear! You are also sweet! And thnx mawra. Soha
Jul 26th 2013
Marwa A very nice but i have read this many times on vshine Marwa
Jul 23rd 2013
Nimra Soo sweet of uuu soha..!! :) Nimra
Jul 13th 2013
Nimra Awww really thankxx soha.. u r my bff too.. :P :) no its ok.. :) by the way r u memon? :P Nimra
Jul 11th 2013
Soha No no dear nimra it's not that! I am all of yours frnd. Whoever is in my frnd list is my best frnd and am really sorry for not replying! Actually I twas gone to my grandma's house.... And i didn't got time... You are my bff.... ! Soha
Jul 6th 2013
Nimra I know why r u not replying kiun k soha tumhen dosri best friend mil gai hai or uska name amna faizi hai..!!! Nimra
Jun 29th 2013
Nimra U welcome yar... :) :D btw will u be mine best friend.. ?? :))) Nimra
Jun 26th 2013
Soha Thnx for commenting Nimra. Soha
Jun 25th 2013
Nimra Hey soha nice joke.. :) and i agree with areeqa,sehar and aasiya as wht ever they say was right!!!... :)) whe should dont reply 2 foolish persons and ignore then becuz some of they become very over smart and over confidence.....okay? so try 2 tolerate this...! :) Nimra
Jun 18th 2013
Soha :) Soha
Jun 9th 2013
Amna Hahahaha.......Lolx<3 :) Amna
Jun 8th 2013
Soha Ok Ok!! I'll! Soha
Apr 30th 2013
Laibah Soha please accept my friend request Laibah
Apr 27th 2013
Soha Once again Thanks.. U also r a nice frnd! Soha
Apr 20th 2013
areeqa No need for that ur a frnd! Areeqa
Apr 15th 2013
Soha Thank you so so so so much!!! Soha
Apr 14th 2013
areeqa Soha i agree withu as u said we cant make such funny jokes by ourselves ya if we try to do so then it will be funny but not that funny ! BTW ur joke is fab! n ur articles i loved them! Areeqa
Apr 13th 2013
Soha Thanx Soha
Apr 13th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Haha Maarij Maqsood
Apr 12th 2013
aasiya Welxxx! Aasiya
Apr 2nd 2013
Soha Thanks. Soha
Mar 31st 2013
aasiya Ohhhhhh so sweetof u! Aasiya
Mar 29th 2013
Soha Thanks Aasiya. You are really very nice and true friend. Soha
Mar 26th 2013
Soha Thanks and I have added u. Soha
Mar 26th 2013
manal Realy funny and add me in your friends i have send you a request Manal
Mar 24th 2013
aasiya I also agree wid sehar!nyc joke soha and dnt take any notice of foolish comments! Aasiya
Mar 23rd 2013
Sehar Ur welcome soha :) Sehar
Mar 7th 2013
Soha Yes sehar, you're right.. Thanks.. Soha
Mar 6th 2013
Sehar Nice joke..... :) n 1 more thing.. we can't make jokes ourselves !! Every joke on this website is definitely copied ! Those who say it to you, ask them to make a joke themselves and post it on Vshine. Then we'll see how funny they are ... Anyways nyc joke :) Sehar
Mar 5th 2013
Moiz Hahaha.. Funny! Moiz
Mar 3rd 2013
Soha Thank u so so so much!!!!!!!! Soha
Mar 2nd 2013
Fatima This joke is lolxx i am laughing.........................nice soha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fatima
Mar 1st 2013
Soha You're right Fatima.. Soha
Feb 24th 2013
Fatima Hey you guyzz must not post negative comments bczz others have feelings too. and if we made jokes from ourselfs it can't be that funny. Fatima
Feb 23rd 2013
Soha Thanks!! Soha
Feb 21st 2013
zoya very good soha Zoya
Feb 19th 2013
Soha Excuse me!!! I was new on Vshine and I thought that we have to share things!! But now I come to know that we have to make everything by our own selves, even jokes!!! And you little, cheater boy keep your mouth shut.. One more thing, Why did you send me friend request?? Soha
Feb 12th 2013
hanzala You don,t know anything Hanzala
Feb 11th 2013
Soha Hanzala, You!!!!!!!!!!!! First read all the comments and then pass a comment you fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have accepted my mistake, actually I didn't know that we have to make jokes ourselves!!!! Soha
Feb 6th 2013
hanzala You are a cheater. I read this joke in a book Hanzala
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Thanks Abdullah and Elsa I've added u in my friends list. Soha
Jan 25th 2013
Soha Ok minahil. I am really very sorry! I didn't know that we have to make our own joke to be published. Soha
Jan 25th 2013
Abdullah Hahahahaha Abdullah
Jan 21st 2013
Elsa Please add me in your friends.i hope u will Elsa
Jan 21st 2013
Minahil You have cheated thats not good don't cheat next time. Minahil
Jan 11th 2013
Fatima KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fatima
Dec 27th 2012
Soha How can I make a joke myself? Of course, I have taken it from net. Just to make you laugh..................... Sorry!! Soha
Dec 21st 2012
Urwa Tasneem, you were searching for jokes 'tomorrow' ?? I never knew people had the ability to go in the future... Urwa
Dec 6th 2012
Tasneem You have cheated this i just read this joke tomorrow on the net when i was searching for funny articles for my school project be careful next time!! Tasneem
Dec 3rd 2012
Soha Thanks. Soha
Nov 30th 2012
rija Gr8 Rija
Nov 28th 2012
mariam WOW COOL PATIENT Mariam
Nov 28th 2012
Momina Lol really funny Momina
Nov 23rd 2012
Duaa Hahahaha Duaa
Nov 22nd 2012

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