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Soha Suhail
Soha Suhail
Pakturk International Schools And Colleges, Islamabad
Abdullah The Woodcutter
Published On Nov 14th 2012
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In a faraway land, there was a woodcutter called Abdullah. He had a young daughter. He loved his daughter too much. Though he had all other good habits but he was not careful about his daily prayers. While coming back from the jungle he always would bring gifts for the young baby. One day when he came back from the jungle he found out that the baby wasn't feeling well. It was late at night and he was unable to take her to the city for treatment.
The daughter was getting weaker and weaker and the poor couple was too much worried that what would happen. At last he couldn't bear the painful cries of his daughter and he decided to take the child to nearest city. He lifted the baby in his lap and started walking as fast as he could. He had not walked too far when he saw a hut where only a lamp was lit. He entered the hut and found that there was an old lady busy in praying.
After finishing her prayer, she turned towards Abdullah and said," Hmm! so you are here because of the pain of your daughter. You love her too much and you can't bear her pain" Abdullah replied, "Yes, it's true." The lady said," Allah loves His creation 70 times more than a mother. Allah's blessings divided into 100 parts and only one part is given to all creatures in the universe. You can understand that how much love Almighty Allah has for His creation. Human beings should also show their love for the Creator by thanking Him and praying."
Listening all this Abdullah broke into tears. He made ablution and offered the prayer. After the prayer he lifted his hands and asks for the health of his daughter. In the meantime the lady, who in fact was a doctor, had already given medicine to the girl. When he finished the prayer, Abdullah found out that the pain was over and his daughter was smiling. He thanked the old lady and decided to be careful about his daily prayers. 
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Comments 96
Soha Thanks Jasmine :) Soha
Feb 25th 2015
jasmine Awsome story Jasmine
Feb 20th 2015
Soha Thanks a lot dear friend :) Soha
Sep 15th 2014
Syeda Zuha Good!!I read ur story now:):)my laziness anoit this also;):) Syeda Zuha
Sep 5th 2014
Soha Happy Independence Day! :) May Allah bless this country with heights of peace and prosperity! :D Soha
Aug 14th 2014
Soha Guys am back and would like 2 request u all to pray for the Pakistani team in the T20 WORLD CUP!!!!! Soha
Apr 1st 2014
Soha Hey there Mahnoor, now a days I'll use Vshine (atleast hope so).... And hi Amna, what's up? Soha
Mar 22nd 2014
Amna Hi Mahnoor:) I am just 1 year older than u we can be friends:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):) Amna
Mar 12th 2014
Soha Um Mahnoor, actually we can't chat becuz our comments first goes for approval Soha
Feb 10th 2014
Mahnoor Thanks soha!By the way when r u online?I mean so we could catch on with each other Mahnoor
Feb 2nd 2014
Soha Ok Mahnoor. Soha
Jan 19th 2014
Soha Ok Mahnoor. Soha
Jan 19th 2014
Mahnoor Hey!Will u be my friend?i am new here and don't know anyone of my age expect u.Please except my friend request... Mahnoor
Jan 15th 2014
Soha Thanks a lot! Soha
Jan 9th 2014
KHAN Nice Khan
Dec 23rd 2013
Soha Awwww Hafsa, u can try to publish once again and don't be worried! Sometimes, when there are lots of stories together, it's difficult to approve so quick. Just wait and try to post your stories once again and I'll be waiting to see your marvelous stories:D! Soha
Sep 10th 2013
HAFSA Soha i have posted so many stories but they dont publish???:( please tell me why? Hafsa
Sep 9th 2013
Soha Guys......!! Pakistan won the T-20 series against Zimbabwe! I am extremely happy :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Aug 25th 2013
Soha Happy Independence Day! Soha
Aug 14th 2013
Soha Nope.. Soha
Aug 14th 2013
dfg Soha r u on twitter????? Dfg
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Eid Mubarak! Soha
Aug 11th 2013
Nimra Hey uswah em in 6 and of 11 and wht about u?? :)) happy advanced eid mubarak 2 u soha.. :) :P :D ;) Nimra
Aug 8th 2013
Soha Dear uswah, i'll surely become your frnd or best frnd and thnx for appreciating my writings. And ramadan mubarak. Soha
Jul 26th 2013
Nimra Ohhh gudd..!! :) first u tell ur age,grade and school.. :) Nimra
Jul 23rd 2013
Uswah Yes nimra! In which class are u and ur age? Uswah
Jul 20th 2013
afifah Ramadan mubarak, soha Afifah
Jul 14th 2013
Nimra Love u to uswah.. :) so will u become my best friend? achaww.. to means meri or tumhari choice milti jhulti hai..!! ;) :P :) Nimra
Jul 14th 2013
Uswah OK Nimra! thanx Love you! Nimra i also like almost all the same things! ;) Uswah
Jul 14th 2013
Nimra Hey uswah i have read ur about me.. so if u want 2 become my good or best friend than u can send me request.. :) Nimra
Jul 13th 2013
Uswah Soha add me please i like ur wrtings and please add me i am new here so plz tell me sumthing gud about the website so i can try Uswah
Jul 11th 2013
Soha :) Soha
Jun 4th 2013
Irum Hehe Irum
Jun 3rd 2013
Soha Mine is English Soha
Jun 1st 2013
Soha WHAT???? Why are u playing jokes on me?? HEHEHEHEHE>3. I would take revenge of course!!!!!!! Soha
May 31st 2013
rabia Soha whars u r fav sub Rabia
May 31st 2013
Soha Hmmmmmm I see! Soha
May 31st 2013
Irum Okay, so the good news is that Surf Excel is starting a new pack which is a family pack. An economy pack!!! Sorry but someone else also played this joke on me on my cell phone;) You can take your revenge on someone else too!!! Irum
May 31st 2013
rabia Hi soha how r u there is a big difference i exam are finnishing on 3rd june and u r starting wow well best of luck soha Rabia
May 30th 2013
Soha No problem.Mistakes do occur! Soha
May 29th 2013
Soha Plzz! TELL ME! I am free but won't be from 3rd June cuz my papers are starting! Soha
May 29th 2013
Irum Hey Soha, let me know if you're free, I wanna tell u a good news! Irum
May 21st 2013
Irum Oops, my mistake... Irum
May 21st 2013
Soha Ayesha my B.D is on 24th of October not 26.. And I'll be 12 Soha
May 19th 2013
Irum Soha how old will you be on the 26th of October 2013? Please tell me... Irum
May 12th 2013
Soha Hmm!! Soha
May 8th 2013
Irum Oh my birthday is on the 6th of March.... Irum
May 7th 2013
Soha All right Ayesha I will and my birthday is on 24th of october. When is yours? Soha
May 5th 2013
Irum Hi Soha, please comment on my riddles and jokes, as I comment and like your stories, okay? Irum
May 2nd 2013
Irum Soha, when's your birthday? Irum
May 2nd 2013
Soha You're right! Soha
Apr 26th 2013
rabia Ya really its comon sense nice q Rabia
Apr 24th 2013
Soha No, it's a dictionary. See "F" is coming before "P" in alphabetical order as well as in dictionary. So in dictionary FRUIT is coming before PLANT! Dictionary is the answer! Soha
Apr 20th 2013
rabia A tree Rabia
Apr 15th 2013
Soha No dear! Listen first a plant grows and then a fruit is coming right. But there's a THING in which fruit is coming before plant! If it's ur last try so I'll tell the answer! Soha
Apr 13th 2013
rabia The q is not complete in which thing is fruit coming before....... is that only the q or i think the ans if fruiting Rabia
Apr 12th 2013
Soha See and note the question carefully "In which THING is "fruit" coming before "plant"? I think I've givven you a big hint! Comeon! Try it! Whatever comes to your mind just write! Soha
Apr 11th 2013
Soha Hahaha... I bet u won't! Soha
Apr 11th 2013
rabia I didnt understand the q Rabia
Apr 9th 2013
Soha Rabia?? Where are u? Soha
Apr 9th 2013
Soha I also wanna ask u a common sense question.. "In which thing fruit is coming before plant?" Soha
Apr 6th 2013
rabia Where r u soha Rabia
Apr 5th 2013
rabia Soha both the answers are wrong 1.2 because 2 is a family name and ans2. was in the air these Q were common sense Rabia
Apr 3rd 2013
Soha 1. 52 2. Ofcourse in USA as they belonged there! Am I right?? Reply soon! Soha
Apr 3rd 2013
rabia Hi soha whatsapp i would like to ask u 2 common sense questions 1.if mothers name is 42 and brothers name is 32 and sisters name is 22 what will be the name of father 2.dunya me sub se pehla areoplane khana fly kiya tha Rabia
Mar 31st 2013
Soha Oh!!! You must have saved them. Try to write again but do save them. If they're not published, you can easily publish again. You can also ask UNCLE SHINE. Soha
Mar 28th 2013
rabia Yaar soha mera jawab do Rabia
Mar 27th 2013
rabia But soha i waited for 2 months Rabia
Mar 26th 2013
Soha Rabia, don't worry! It same happened with me. Wait for one week. You should have saved your poems on computer so that u can publish again and again. Maybe it's not approved yet. Try to publish again but this time do save it. Soha
Mar 26th 2013
rabia Where are u soha Rabia
Mar 26th 2013
rabia Soha pl help me i have added many pages of many poem but it didnt came on this web tell me how to do it Rabia
Mar 24th 2013
Soha Oh... Congrats then. Soha
Mar 22nd 2013
rabia Wow congrats as yesterday was my spelling bee contest and the Quran competion and in both a got 1st position and a big golden troffie i was happy Rabia
Mar 21st 2013
Soha They were good rabia. I got first position all over Pakistan in an exam named G.A.T which is very tough. I got my prize and i got 1 position in my exams too... Soha
Mar 20th 2013
rabia R u having bio sub too Rabia
Mar 17th 2013
rabia Oh well how it was Rabia
Mar 17th 2013
Soha Rabia, they're finished already.. Soha
Mar 15th 2013
Soha Well, they're already finished... Soha
Mar 14th 2013
rabia Soha when your exams are starting Rabia
Mar 13th 2013
Soha Thanks and of course, I would! Soha
Mar 11th 2013
Anonymous Great soha and also like my stuff and what was your gift please tell! Anonymous
Mar 9th 2013
Soha Thanks Soha
Mar 6th 2013
Moiz Amazing Soha appi!! Moiz
Mar 3rd 2013
Soha I study in PakTurk International school. You can open my screen, for more information. Soha
Feb 28th 2013
rabia Thanks soha in which school are you Rabia
Feb 28th 2013
Soha Yeah, Rabia Why not?? I send u friend request.. You can accept it. Soha
Feb 27th 2013
rabia Pl can u add me i am also in grade 6 Rabia
Feb 26th 2013
Soha Thanks brother..))) Soha
Jan 22nd 2013
Abdullah Amazing..! Abdullah
Jan 21st 2013
Soha Thanks Amna and MashAllah!!! Soha
Jan 14th 2013
Amna Soha is it u????Well,gr8 story and my mother also never leave me until i offer my prayer cuz she is so strict in offering prayers and reciting Quran daily........But Mashahallah I have finished Quran 4 times................................. Amna
Jan 5th 2013
Soha Nice then and thanks.......... Soha
Dec 19th 2012
Momina Great good moral im also not praying latelymade me realize my mistake Momina
Dec 17th 2012
Soha Thanks! Soha
Nov 16th 2012
Duaa Nice storyy Duaa
Nov 16th 2012
Wajeeha Amazing story!!keep up the gud work!! =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012

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