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Munazzah Zaheer
Munazzah Zaheer
The City School
The Rats In The Village
Published On Nov 14th 2012
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Once upon a time in a far away land was a small kingdom. The villagers of that village lived happily. Once so many rats together go in that village and start lived there. The people were sad the rats eat their food live in our house and make trouble. Once they all go to the king and tell about rats in the village they decided to catch the rats but they try very hard but they could not do that. One day in the village a young man came and saw there were lots of rats in the village. He go to king and said I have a solution for the rat one condition if you give me lots of money and a free home to live here. the first said ok then he goes to the village take out flute from his bag and started to sing with flute all the rats came out and started following the tune he take all the rats to a lake and sink them there and that time the villages were so happy that all the rats have gone from village. but when the young man came and asked for house and money everybody refuse to give and the young man was so angry that he said I will take revenge for this thing and ran away after 2 weeks at the time then all the people were asleep the young man came and started sing the tube all the children of the village even the kings daughter was all following the tune and the young man takes all the children to the lake and sink them and all the children died next morning all villagers were looking for their children than the young man came and said I have taken my revenge and ran away.
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Comments 5
KHAN Gud will u b my friend Khan
Dec 23rd 2013
Uswah Momina is always writing positive or not writing at all i like this thing about you Momy! Uswah
Jul 13th 2013
Momina Agree with duaa, but dont mind!!!! thanks for writin though one of my faves Momina
Dec 17th 2012
Misbah Copied from "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".. This is not nice , many mistakes are there!!!! Not even proper sentences are formed! Misbah
Nov 19th 2012
Duaa Not gud!!! Literallyyy!!! you have copied the idea from, "the Pied Piper" and many gramatical mistakes. Either write it in 1st person pronoun or second person. you have mixed both. Either write it in present or past. Again you have mixed both. Please dont mind it but you have cheated the idea from somewhere else Duaa
Nov 16th 2012

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