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Duaa Hassan
Duaa Hassan
Becon House School System
The Enchanted Tree Part 5
Published On Nov 12th 2012
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"........ Now comes the bad part. There is a group of men who wants to cut me. There are six members in their group including two bad children who hurt me a lot. Although I have done no harm to them but they want to cut me for money or something. Isn’t it miserable? Killing someone harmless for their own purpose.” “Yep! We ought to defend you,” said Susan strongly. “In my opinion,” started Shaggy, “we should first meet the choppers. Then we should inquiry them for the reason of causing such a miserable event with such a special tree and finally we will request or fight with them I mean it depends on the situation we are in; so we will request or fight with them and then save the tree.” “But it won’t be easy Shaggy, you know convincing them and…… I mean it won’t be easy but it would be really dangerous. And listen we have to keep this mission a secret one alright.” “Yes.” “Wait a minute! Do the police know about this? I think we should tell the police.” “But Shaggy we have to give evidences and if we won’t, they would not believe us.” “You are right Susan.” “Oh yes!” said the tree suddenly, “I have another way of getting myself outta this trouble; but for that I will need you. Will you help me?” “Of course we will! Just tell us the plan and we will be on it.” “But now is not a good time Shaggy. We have to reach home before it is too late.” “We will meet you tomorrow. Good bye.” “Bye.” They reached not too late or not early. They were home on the correct time when the dinner was about to start. They ate their dinner in a room which was not quite set. The family slept early at night and woke up early at morning. They had their breakfast and started their work. That day was the busiest day of the family’s life. The rooms had to be painted. The furniture was to be unpacked and the furniture was to be settled. By four o clock, 2 bedrooms were properly set. Susan and Shaggy were permitted to go to the jungle again. Then the children set to the same jungle, to the same tree. “Hello Skrimp!” “Hi Skrimp!” “Hullo! Susan and Shaggy” “Okay! Let’s not waste time. Come on Skrimp tell us your plan.  Hurry up!!!” “Yes! My plan was that my every branch leads to a different world. Listen! Now what you have to do is ........."
Wait till the next part comes........ ;)
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Comments 9
Soha Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Momina Really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg to die for Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Urwa I think you've got inspiration from Enid Blyton's book, The Magic Faraway Tree. Haven't you? Urwa
Dec 5th 2012
jia Awsome story....... Jia
Nov 27th 2012
Duaa Thnx fatima and khadija Duaa
Nov 15th 2012
Tooba Gr8! :) Tooba
Nov 14th 2012
Khadijah I really can't wait !!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Nov 13th 2012
Duaa Thhnnxxxx alot Sana Duaa
Nov 13th 2012
Sana AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sana
Nov 13th 2012

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