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Regulus Black
Regulus Black
The Cursed Necklace
Published On Nov 12th 2012
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Once upon a time, there lived a king named Louis who was very rich and cruel. He put everyone who didn't listen to him in prison and treated them very badly. He was very greedy and he made all the poor people pay taxes. One day, when the King woke up, a rumour had spread about the old Wizard’s lost necklace. It was said that anyone who found the necklace would get a reward of 1000 gold coins. The necklace was so beautiful and precious that the King thought that if he found it, he would keep it with himself. It threw off golden light and could tell the future. It was as if it was sent down from heaven.
 The people, who lived a life of poverty, even one gold coin was very special and this offer appealed to them greatly. All the people wanted to find the necklace before anyone else.
The next day, the King made sure that no one in the kingdom was trying to find the necklace because he wanted it for himself. He hired all the expert finders from other parts of the country to find the necklace.
After his tiring day, he went to sleep peacefully. But his night didn't stay peaceful. A man came in the middle of the night and woke him. He had a long, white beard which fell down till his knees. He cloak and a grey robe. He ushered the King to follow him. When the King asked him where they were going, he replied, "To find the necklace."
The King's face filled with greediness and he followed him quickly. After a while, they reached a room. Entering it, they saw a long, steep, spiral staircase made of what seemed to be very easily breakable mud. A very deep well, full of water could be seen at the end of the staircase. In the middle of there was a stand on which an hourglass lay. Grains of sand were falling at the bottom quickly. In the well was also the beautiful necklace of the Wizard floating round and round.
"You have half an hour left to get the necklace," said the man. His voice echoed loudly around the whole room.
The King thought the mission very easy and he slowly ran down the step, careful of the breakable mud. Suddenly, when he was in the middle, the staircase started to crack. He quickly ran down the steps. When he was about to reach the end, the staircase broke. Pieces of mud scattered everywhere. The room felt as if it was actually moving.
King Louis fell down beside the well and looked up to see the man. But he was no more a man. He was the Wizard!
He looked at the hour glass. Time was passing very quickly. There were only ten minutes left. He jumped into the well before he could it, he shrieked, writhing in pain. The necklace was cursed! Slowly, the well dried up and so did the King, with all the poison of the necklace in his body.
The sun rose and the Wizard took the necklace, for now it was back to its beautiful self and was no longer cursed. He put it away quickly before anyone could see it, because it still had the power of greed on everyone except him.
When everyone right-hand servant and he will be your King and will make sure that you are happy and contented."
And from that day on, all was well in the Kingdom.
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Comments 10
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 25th 2014
hamna Wow hubba Hamna
Feb 18th 2014
Maha Nice but its copied! Maha
Jul 14th 2013
Uswah WOW HUBBA! Uswah
Jul 13th 2013
regulus Thanks! Oh and Dua, if you think I copied it from someone who sent it to the magazine, it was actually mine which was published. Regulus
Apr 22nd 2013
Momina Sounds familiar........... gud anyway!!! Momina
Dec 17th 2012
Wajeeha This story was in vshine!! anywayz gud job! =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012
Sana It was in vshine.... Sana
Nov 15th 2012
munazzah Nice one ! Munazzah
Nov 14th 2012
Duaa You have copied the idea from somewhere...... Duaa
Nov 13th 2012

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