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Hafsa Hassan
Hafsa Hassan
Habib Girls School
Nano Robots
Published On Nov 12th 2012
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Scientists believe that in the year, 2015 such a tiny robot will be launched, which could enter the human blood stream and could cure any damage or disease inside the body. They would be just like the size of a mosquito. Scientist say that there will be a whole procedure first the robot will enter our body through a strong injection, then weekly scans will be done to see that how much work the robot has done, when the scans will proof that the damage or disease is totally cured, then again a strong injection will be given and with the help of the injection the robot will be sucked out. These tiny robots are known as the Nano Robots.
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Comments 6
l Nice Information... L
Dec 1st 2012
Emaan EEEK! Ohmygosh really????????? I Heart this Biology!!!!! Emaan
Nov 26th 2012
arifa WOW!!! hey ms's an awesome article..gr8 info!!! love it! Arifa
Nov 25th 2012
Ali Cheater!!!!!.... Ali
Nov 21st 2012
Muhammad Very good information Muhammad
Nov 18th 2012
fizza Nice information Fizza
Nov 13th 2012

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