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Shahzaib Mazhar Abbasi
Shahzaib Mazhar Abbasi
City School Jinnah Campus
Secret Agent 008
Published On Nov 8th 2012
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Whenever anyone asked Shahzaib what he wanted to do when he grew up he always said, “ I want to be a Spy like a James Bond 007 ! “ and I am as strong as stone In fact, he already thought of himself as a spy and was always snooping around the house. He had even read his little Brother secret diary, which was a very naughty thing to do. Shahzaib parents thought his hobby was quite amusing, but they also thought it was a bit much sometimes. He was always hiding behind doors, listening to their conversations and taking notes. Shahzaib, said his mother people are allowed to have a few secrets you know. Nothing is secret from me. I’m secret agent 008 said Shahzaib. I will do my work like a man who “kills two birds with one stone.” How his parents could make him understand that he shouldn’t spy on people or listen into conversation and phone calls? One day, Shahzaib parents found a tape—recorder he had been using to record their conversations Dad turned it on and said into the microphone, Shahzaib is being quite naughty at the moment. I think we’ll have to send him to the countryside farm miles away from here. When shahzaib heard the recording he was very upset. He ran into his parents’ bedroom and said, “I don’t want to go to live on a farm, I want to stay here” Who said anything about going to a farm? Asked dad Um, well…. Shahzaib mumbled. Perhaps you shouldn’t believe everything you hear!’ said dad Shahzaib then realized that spying wasn’t much fun when the joke was on him!
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Comments 7
Muhammad Shahzaib, Check out my new poem n winner of march 2013 Muhammad
Apr 6th 2013
Muhammad Remeber ur "our" friend not only RQ's Muhammad
Apr 6th 2013
Muhammad It's Shahzaib's Parents not "Shahzaib Parents" By the way nice and see you after 2 days with RQ hmm Muhammad
Apr 6th 2013
Momina Really awesome and Duaa, do not mind but i have seen shorter stories. . . Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Wajeeha Nice =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012
mathilda Nice one Mathilda
Nov 13th 2012
Duaa Nice story but it is very short Duaa
Nov 11th 2012

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