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Sheraz Khan
Sheraz Khan
Cadet College Larkana
Role Of Media In Our Society
Published On Nov 8th 2012
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In this world every man and woman comes with some evils along with them. In the same way media is having some good or some bad aspects with it, but frankly speaking it is bent more towards bad aspects then its good ones.
It is right to say that media has made this world as global village. We all are linked together. It has made us aware of everything. It has drawn whole world nearer, healthy side of media is that it is working in each and every corner of the society.
We have many examples of attractive role of media in which it shows its main part and stand alone in front of all problems like in flood in Tsunami, Pakistan and China, earthquakes in Pakistan and Japan. In these incidents the main and front role was of media. It faced all the consequences and aware the world about the facts and figures of disaster. During these mishaps the main character of media is to awake the people about the current affairs. Many shows were conducted to make people aware about the situations.
A mishap that shock whole nation was fire that caught two factories in Pakistan. One in Lahore and other in Karachi. This gloomy situated was on aired by many TV channels. Due to their work it was possible for many families to reach their loved ones. This fire took lives of nearly 300 people but this news was showed by many brave reporters.
A mother feeds her child since the day first. She teaches her child the basic of all things. It all depends on a mother how she teaches her child.
If her teachings are good then, her child will be a responsible citizen of your country and a good man. But if her teachings are based on bogus and weak foundations then he will be the worst of his society.
Similarly, if media is playing a positive role then you will enjoy a prosperous society. You will enjoy peace and prosperity as the order of the day, having a hope if integrity in you.
But if its role is out of it then you will face all evils. You will find the world around you as a Pandora box.
Does you really think that role of media in our society is 100% on right path?
Unfortunately the bad aspects of media are more than its good ones. Honestly speaking this unbridled media has marred independent thinking.
Either this is print media or electronic media; in both ways its influence on our society is not so good.
Newspapers show the mirror of society as house of Hippocratic horizons. Except few corners of this entire newspaper is filled with advertisements of useless products on the other hand electronic media is busy on criticizing their rulers. This is the usual act of anchors to change their old rulers and replace them with new ones and again start the same thing. They show worst face of rulers. They usually never appreciate their work. They highlight each and every issue of society which has made our society more violent than ever before. News channels are filled of political talk shows. Each and every word said by politician treated as a quote and for many days these quotes become the hot topic for many other anchors. They spread the thing which has no existence.
Media in both ways have kept us away from the real facts. Newspapers prefer the news which may earn them good benefits. Without thinking what would be the affect of this on public. Then how to believe one thing which has just the thirst of coins?
Dr. leonard eren and Dr. Rowell conducted a study which was running for the decades. They put 800 children of age 8 years and found that the children who watched violence on TV for hours tended to be more aggressive in the classroom and playground.
Owners of these channels and newspapers are money makers. They force more on the thing that bring them more publicity than the real news that deserve to be on aired. This whole media system has made us puppets of their hands. Our thinking is controlled by them; we mostly passed those statements in our daily life that are already stated by famous anchors focused on those areas of news  more that are highlighted in breaking news.
Our sense of good and bad depends on the sense of many well known media tycoons’ sense. The reason for this negative role I feel is that the government has no check and balance on media as in most erudite societies they have.
It is the diversity of our government that they are unaware about the aftermath of this media independence. The role of media is not to criticize everything around it but is to differentiate between right or wrong.
It is the duty of our government to renew the laws, rules and regulations for media and to give them a borderline of their rights in this way they can save their government’s boat from floating and this is the panacea for this problem. Government should stop the media to conduct all the day shows on politics because this is affecting our youth’s minds. Politicians are to rule the country not to become the hot subjects of discussions of the shows. Government has to grasp the wrong turn taken by many channels. In this way we can enjoy a pacify life in the country of our own.
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Nov 27th 2012
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Nov 21st 2012
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Nov 19th 2012
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Nov 9th 2012

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