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Neeha Rashid
Neeha Rashid
Mama Parsi School
Published On Jan 6th 2011
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Just two weeks ago my cousin told me that there was a boy whose exams were going on, it was his English composition exam the day it happened, he wrote in his composition that he had an accident ,and how? Let me tell you! He went with his mother to car racing tournament, there he was standing in the middle and two cars rushed him in between! One red and the other one yellow, and the next thing that happened that he was dead! And the drivers too were dead! And his mother kept crying. He got 7 out of ten in his composition!
So, boys and girls you see we should never say that. And the next thing that happened was, as it was just a composition, the other day he went to a racing tournament and got crushed.
So we should promise our selves never to do such a thing.

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Comments 4
Fatima Nyc Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Tooba Gr8 + awesome Tooba
May 3rd 2014
Minhil Ya Neeha it happened in real that the boy wrote this in his exam and the other day it really happened..that's why we say we should never say any danger or bad thing because maybe at that time God listens to it and it can happen in real. Minhil
Jan 17th 2011
Neeha This 1 is good Neeha
Jan 6th 2011

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