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Shaista  Khan
Shaista Khan
Public School Hyderabad
My Brother
Published On Nov 5th 2012
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On 7th may Aleena was very excited because the next day was like a big day for her. She was preparing for her brother's birthday for many days. She bought many gifts for her 12 years old brother (rehab) and one day after he was turning to 13.that day she skipped her school. That day she went to market bought some gift wrappers, some flowers and many other things.
She said mom to cook Rehab's choice food. Her father was very excited because their only these in which they can enjoy their life other wish they were bored of same life. Daily bomb blasts and same news of kidnapping.
Her father was a civil servant and was also afraid of life in Swat valley but he never wants to leave his mother land at the time of difficulty so he always remove these thoughts as they come into his mind.
Many letters were also sent to schools to close them but school management was against these threats so they were just ignoring them and they were trying to solve them peacefully.
Next day was Saturday and it was normally a holiday from government so there were two days to enjoy their birthday party.
It was 12'o'clock and off timing of school was 1:15. Aleena packs all gifts that she bought for rehab hide them in rehab's room and went to help her mother in kitchen. they cooked biryani, kabab, raita and many more dishes.
Suddenly at 12:45 she hurriedly went to their T.V lounge. She turned it on and tune to news channel first Aleena thought it as daily routine bomb blast but unwillingly when she heard news was about their school she fell down.
Names of students were highlighted on the screen. She was shocked. Her father rushes towards their school. She and her mother were waiting for their return, they were praying.
After three hours her father came back to home with a bad news. Her brother was alive but in that bomb blast he lost his legs. Her mother fainted but when she becomes conscious she started crying. On the very next moment they were in hospital many other students were killed. They spent more than two weeks in hospital but when rehab was discharged from hospital they celebrated his birthday  simply. All of them were feeling sorry for other students but in this matter they cannot do anything. They thanked Allah ask for His forgiveness and prayed for other Pakistanis who are also facing these problems in Pakistan.

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Comments 18
Tooba Good attempt Tooba
Mar 5th 2013
Soha Great!!! Add me.....!! Soha
Mar 3rd 2013
shaista Yes...Hiba and thanks for loving my stories Shaista
Feb 28th 2013
Hiba Hi i am hiba 1 of ur friends who love ur stories....i needed ur favour please like my stories....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
shaista No dear Momina only fiction... Shaista
Dec 28th 2012
Momina Really good is it true? my dad is near Swat in Dir... Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Khadijah INSHALLAH Khadijah
Dec 15th 2012
Wajeeha Nyc =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012
shaista thanks arifa and khadijah for correction.its my first story on any website so inshallah i will improve myself next time but you both keep reading my stories..... Shaista
Nov 10th 2012
Khadijah Grammatical errors,but it is a nice story Khadijah
Nov 10th 2012
Tehzeem Nice story shaista....... Tehzeem
Nov 10th 2012
arifa Grammatical errors! Arifa
Nov 9th 2012
shaista Thanks friends... Shaista
Nov 7th 2012
perah AwESOme JusT niCe............ Perah
Nov 7th 2012
sheraz Good work dear..... Sheraz
Nov 7th 2012
saira Very true.. Saira
Nov 7th 2012
Irfan Awesome ideas expressed in fabulous way. Irfan
Nov 7th 2012
mathilda Nice one!!! Mathilda
Nov 6th 2012

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