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Eesha Tariq
Eesha Tariq
Al-noor International School, Bahrain
Thomas Alva Edison
Published On Nov 4th 2012
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There is no life without ‘’LIGHT”. A person who gave light to the world ………. Yes none other than THOMAS ALVA EDISON.
Thomas Alva Edison was a very famous American inventor. He invented many devices that greatly influenced life around the world including phonograph, motion picture camera and a long lasting, particular electric bulb. Electricity had invented before and also different kinds of bulbs had introduced but all had flaws and were not practical.
Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, on 11th Feb 1847. He was not a good student in his school, but inside this poor student a great inventor was hidden. His mother helped him a lot in his studies. Edison recalled that “My mother is the making of me”. After completing his studies, he worked as a telegraph operator. He requested to give him a night shift which allowed him plenty of time to spend at his two favourite past times, experimenting and reading. He worked on different places and carried on to make new things. He earned money and popularity from his inventions. Later on, he had a big staff which helped him in conducting his research. His well known contribution was a flawless electric bulb.
Edison, in his last years, was a rich business man and in 1906 he became the owner of Milan, his birth place. He was surprised to see that his own old home was still lit with candles and old lamps.
Edison was very particular about his diet. Thus he died because of diabetes on 18th Oct 1931.
Generations then generations are thankful to the great man, Thomas Alva Edison to add LIGHT in their lives.  

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