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Omer Tahir
Omer Tahir
Becon House School System
A Goat, Vulture And The Vulnerable Lion
Published On Nov 4th 2012
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It was a hot day. When lion and goat were dying with the thirst but unluckily the pool was small. Goat put his neck in the pool but beside him the vulnerable lion came and growled fiercely and told goat to move. But goat said no. I have found the water I would drink it first. Lion replied angrily and said I am the king of all the animals so it’s my right to drink it first and since evening I haven’t drunk the water. Goat said that all day has passed and I haven’t drunk a drop. They started to quarrel and suddenly lion was crossed and attacked at the goat and injured his feet and goat bounded out of the way. They both couldn’t drink water in peace. Suddenly lion left goat and started to look at the blue hot sky. Same did goat. They saw the vicious vulture. Every animal was afraid from vulture as it was a bird of the dead. If they continued to fight so vulture would make their bodies to the bone. They both stopped quarrelling as they knew that if they would continue their fight so it would be there end. Lion said to goat that first you drink but don’t drink all. Leave some for me as well. Goat did as he was instructed like this both the animals quenched their thirst and stopped fighting. When a common danger threatens, it’s best to stop quarrelling.
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Comments 3
Omer Irfan if u dont know so better just zip it Omer
Jun 8th 2013
irfan sab say baikar ending thi Irfan
Jun 3rd 2013
Momina Good and i like the ending line Momina
Dec 21st 2012

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