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Sana  Raheel
Sana Raheel
Mansoura International School
The Brave Girl 3
Published On Nov 4th 2012
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‘………Of course no. How did u imagine that? It’s not your job to do this—It’s my.’  ‘But mom---‘I said NO. End of discussion.’ Tehreem left the room feeling that she is gonna cry. Then at lunch, when her mom was in a better mood she plucked up her courage and said: ‘Mom please listen to me first before u start arguing.’ Her mother said: ’Ok.’ Tehreem said: ’Mom, I know that YOu don’t like my idea, but think about it. You are very ill; you can’t do anything at all. And even if u collected enough money to go, you cannot go. Think once about Aisha, Hania, Osman or Tariq. You can’t leave without them; they are very attached to you. And I am not a small child anymore. I am sixteen years old. I can go, and you know that.’ Her mom reluctantly replied: ‘hmm… let me think about it.’
In the morning her mother replied: ‘Ok you can do the job to go BUT u must call me daily.’ Tehreem replied: ‘thank you very much mom. I love you.’ Tehreem went to her room and started thinking of how to go. On the other hand, Tehreem’s father was in the hospital in a very serious situation. His injury was very severe and he was still in the state of unconsciousness.  Two rings made of gold were in his pocket so the people of the hospital sold them and gave him basic medical treatment and so he was alive.
Tehreem started her small ‘school’ and earned some money. One day, a girl whom she tutored started crying as it was her first day in school, so, since Tehreem was very soft hearted, she started playing with the children. At that time a child, the oldest of them was losing so she told the parent’s at home time that they were playing from the whole day. The little child was very innocent and wanted to tell someone that her teacher was playing. And she told all parent’s that secret.
The parents were very angry with her and said: We give you money and children and you betray us? We will take our children and don’t dare to ask us for your fees.’ So they took their children and left. Tehreem decided to………………….
To be continued………
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Comments 6
Momina Awesome nxt prt is OUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!! yesss Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Sana I have decided to send the part quickly but i will send the next part after a loooooooooooooooooong time Sana
Nov 18th 2012
Itachi Nice well written Itachi
Nov 13th 2012
Sana Thanx to Shaista and hafsa as well.........;) Sana
Nov 11th 2012
Sana Thanx Duaa and i am thinking bout the next part actually i never wrote my ideas............ the story is incomplete........:D Sana
Nov 11th 2012
Duaa Omggggg!! such an aweessommeeee storryyyy!! waiting for the next part Duaa
Nov 7th 2012

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