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Hashim  Khan
Hashim Khan
Garrison Junior Academy
Endangered Species Of Pakistan
Published On Nov 2nd 2012
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The Leatherback Turtle
Endangered species are those species which are going to be extinct because of the pollution and the uncomfortable environment they are having. Dinosaurs are disappeared from the world. They were one of the endangered species of the world at that time.
The largest living turtle, the leatherback turtle is one of the endangered species. It can reach a total length of 2.1m and a weight of 365 kg. Unlike other turtles, the leatherback turtle has no visible shell; instead, it has a carapace made up of hundreds of irregular bony plates, covered with a leathery skin. This rare sea turtle lives in warm sea waters and is known to breed off the West Indies, Florida, Madagascar and Malaya. Females come ashore in bands and lay their 60 to 100 eggs in holes which have been dug in the sand. Seven weeks later, when the eggs hatch, their babies rush back to the water.
Compared to other sea turtles, the leatherback appears to have a better chance at continued survival. We should save these species by not polluting our country. We should give them a healthy environment so that they can survive.
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Comments 1
khadija Marco polo Hubara bustard and Indus dolphin are also endangered species but good efforts i like it Khadija
Jun 10th 2013

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