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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
How To Make School Interesting Part 2
Published On Nov 1st 2012
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Continuation of first article; on how to make school more interesting and enjoyable.
If you aren’t able to enjoy school, probably don’t like it all first figure out you cause; a fight, no friends, fear of getting in trouble, haven't done home work, afraid of tests???? Whatever it is let it out: either tell me here by commenting below so I can help you or tell some1 else who is reliable or trustworthy like your mother perhaps :)
Now continuing...from part one.......:
Here’s one last tip that may be helpful:
Make yourself comfortable with your environment:
Personalize. If it makes you happier and more comfortable with your environment then try decorating your, backpack, ball pen, notebook, locker etc but first you have to ask your parents if it's ok for you to decorate your “stuff”. Make sure you don’t waste too much time on that stuff.
When decorating your backpack try using pins, patches, stickers, and key chains, anything that’s fine with your parents and makes you happier.
Socialize. If it makes you more comfortable, try socializing. You just might have some classmates that share some of your ideas and they might just make great friends. Friends are a great source of support and usually they’ll make your day. If you are getting into fights lately and have lost your friends, keep calm and if they're worth it, apologize and try and make up for it but if not just move on. But be careful of your temper
Remember to be careful with the people that you “hang out with”. Be sure that you know the difference of real friends and friends that aim to get you into trouble. There’s a fine line between the trouble makers and the occasional student fun. Things of this sort like blaming have happened to me, and it’s not nice at all, and people can be selfish and worse; backstabbers, and I have dealt with both kinds so try and figure out who's gonna be there for you and who's not. Remember to stay away from violence and stuff like that; these things will only lead you to trouble.
Enjoy yourself from time to time. Play around or have a round of jokes with your friends in your free time. Don’t make fun of anyone as no one enjoys being publically disgraced. School shouldn’t be your dungeon, it’s a place for the youth like yourself for learning, and a part of learning is learning how to socialize and become a better person. However, remember there’s a difference between harmful jokes and regular harmless student jokes.
Occupy yourself when you’re bored in your free time. Have a hobby or a routine, during your recess and lunch breaks. Paint, sketch, do your homework, sing, listen to music, play an instrument, hang out with friends whatever that is allowed and will help you relieve your boredom.
Be positive! This will help you a lot. At every dark moment, every stressful situation be calm, and be positive! And remember to leave most or all of your bad habits. Things are only bad if you see it that way. See things in a positive view, it helps.
Ignore the negative as much as possible. In a world where almost everybody hates a happy ending story it helps to just ignore it all, and don't let them bring you down. There's a difference between constructive critics and a selfish pessimist. Just shake your head and walk away.
Set a goal for yourself. A good way to motivate yourself is to set a goal and stick with it. Imagine school as an RPG with you at the helm, or a story being written with you as both writer and protagonist. Now a character usually has a goal right? So what is it? Are you the kind of person aiming to become the best? Maybe you're the lost outcast trying to find his place in the world? It helps if you see the world in a different view, it's your life, it's your view, set a goal and set forth.
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