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Eshah Nawaz
Eshah Nawaz
Beaconhouse Pechs Campus,karachi
Caring For Each Other
Published On Oct 31st 2012
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Once upon a time my dear when the world was young there lived a cruel and a mean lion king, Allay. Allay thought that he was the most beautiful animal on the Earth.
One day Allay asked his magical mirror,"Mirror, mirror tell me who is the most beautiful animal on the Earth?'' "Rose, your highness." came the answer. "What do you mean? And by the way who is this Rose anyways?'' asked Allay. The mirror said, "Your highness, Rose is a female leopard who lives near the Fruit Valley in a small hut."Allay thought for a while and said with a sly look on his face, "We will see about that tomorrow."
The next day Allay announced that, "Who ever will find this Rose thing cut off her head at once and if you can't do that bring her to me or if you can't do that even you will all have your heads cut off!"
When Allay was announcing this, Red, the kind hearted bird and who was the best friend of Rose, heard this and quickly rushed to find Rose.
"Rose! Rose! Open up!" shouted Red."What is the matter? You look worried is everything okay?" asked Rose."Okay? Okay? Your life is in danger my friend! You should leaf this place at once! And go somewhere else but it should be far away from here!"Said Red with frightening."What happened? And why is my life in danger? Tell me, tell me Red what happened? Tell me!"Asked Rose. So Red told each and every thing to Rose. On hearing that the king is going to cut off her head, Rose wasn't scared at all! She said " I am not afraid of a king .The fear which is troubling me is that the king might cut off the heads of the innocent animals."
The next day Rose was ready to have her head cut off."What are you doing? Have you gone crazy?" shouted Red."I know what I am doing and I am doing this for you and for other animals." said Rose with a smile.
When Rose reached at Allay's palace Allay saw her and said to himself, "What junk! She isn't even beautiful!"
When Rose went into the palace she said," Your highness! You are willing to have my head cut off, right? You can. My beauty is all yours!" Then Allay told one of his servants to bring a sharp knife. When Allay was about to cut Rose's head he suddenly dropped the knife.
"What is the matter your highness? Why aren't you cutting off my head?" Asked Rose. "I am not cutting off your head, because when I was about to chop off your head I saw tears in your eyes. I realized that we all should not think about ourselves we should think about others also. " said Allay with tears in his eyes.
Rose was crowned as the most beautiful animal and Allay became kind to everyone. 
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Comments 4
Tooba Awesome story Tooba
May 19th 2014
Momina I noticed that mistake, but i loved the story no words to express my feelings about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Duaa Gud one. One mistake. It is not "leaf" it is leave! Duaa
Nov 1st 2012
Khadijah Nice one Khadijah
Oct 31st 2012

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