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Malaik Kabir
Malaik Kabir
Extinct Animals
Published On Oct 31st 2012
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We are humans and are listed in the living things that's all,............hey wait I think we are forgetting something, yes animals and plants, they are also listed in living things but still we forget them. I know you are saying "hey what are you talking about!?" or "He's nuts!" Well the fact is that someone else IS nuts, and that's the hunters, the hunters which kill animals without any reasons or the people who cut down trees or plants just for fun, but they never think about the rights of animals, yes animals also have rights just like us but we don't know about them, why? Because only we can speak? Well the answer is yes.........we are careless about animals or plants because they don't tell us to stop or if they even give an expression just to tell their feelings (I am talking about only animals) we don't forgive them, does anyone know about extinction? If yes then describe briefly what happens when a living thing gets extinct and if it does then why? Well as I mentioned before carelessness leads to extinction of animals and yes when an animal gets extinct then that means that it's species leave the world forever.........THEY DIE. Yes they do all my life I thought what extinction could really mean but then I got to this deadly answer. If people know that this will happen, then why do they kill animals and cut off plants,........WHY? I know I am getting a little bit serious and I have to be not only me but all of us must be serious in a case like this, Just think about the Dodo bird (It is a bird which got extinct) and the Snow Goose found in Canada (This one too), what happened to them? Did they all commit suicide or did they all die because some kind of big disease, NO N and O no! Humanity killed them because of its carelessness. The humans are not only careless in this kind of work but are careless in almost every deed, yes they are! I bet you they ARE! We have to make sure we stop all this carelessness with our power and I know we can, and we should and would you like if there are no zoos for kids in the future? Then let's do it. Now stop thinking about the mess and clean it by stopping the hunters or the careless people, what you do, The future generations will follow it and I believe in this.
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