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Malaik Kabir
Malaik Kabir
Eco-friendly Technology
Published On Oct 31st 2012
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"ECO FRIENDLY" and "NATURE" both of these words make us feel very good even we don't know the fact why? If the words sound good or make us feel good then we should think that these things are even practically good! Because god has made the nature with his hands the trees the mountains and the oceans etc are all the things that God has made for us, so we should take care of the bounty of All Mighty Allah. So if we are advancing towards technology then we should advance in eco friendly technology too. Imagine a world without any CO2 pollution, noise pollution or any kind of pollution. The world is full of possibilities we have made many things that mankind had never imagined of. Let’s go back in the past and start again when the use of simple machines ended and advanced machines started. We should make the technologies or machines Eco-friendly if we cannot go back in the past then at least we can start from a new point. Though we have made some things Eco-friendly like Air conditioners, Microwaves etc but let’s get a little advanced in these kind of machines and technologies lets think about Eco-friendly motor bikes (Though I have heard of an Eco-friendly motor bike but let’s think of making many companies of Eco-friendly bikes and when the number of the companies increases then stop the common bike companies.)Sometimes I think of inventing a glass which prevents the CO2 gas from coming out of the industry and then the glass should absorb CO2 gas just like plants the glass should be placed around the industries. Let's think about the world, the earth, what are Their feelings about all this pollution and destruction and every bad thing in the world. Earth cries when the trees are cut but we don't hear it. Think about it and try to change the future with your hands with the help of ECO-friendly technology.
Rise little star, Rise and the world will come after.
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