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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
13 O' Clock (part 6, The Last Part)
Published On Oct 29th 2012
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Robert stood there screaming. What had just happened? Robert was terrified. Just before his very eyes Giselle had fallen right into the hole and he could do nothing. And now the hole had closed. Robert was shocked. He was doomed. Giselle had died. What would mom and dad say when he would go back home? Obviously he would be shouted at. His parents would hate him for not taking care of their beloved daughter. These thoughts flashed in and out of Robert's mind. Forcefully, he walked to a corner of a great hallway and sat there. He could imagine Giselle every where............Giselle scolding him in the car, Giselle feeling scared of the ghosts, Giselle running through ghosts and hiding from them, Giselle reciting all those words, Giselle pulling him so he could get out of the hole, Giselle screaming and falling into the hole............ Robert wanted to die. He wanted to scream. He was a loser. Brothers usually save sisters and die for them but this was the opposite. What an irresponsible brother was he?
The night passed away. Clouds floated above the huge castle and moonlight shone through its windows. The wind rushed around. The tree branches swayed in the wind. It began to rain. Thunder roared and lightning struck. Rain began to pour through the ceiling of the castle. It was so old that it has cracks in its ceiling. But Robert had nothing to do with it. Robert was silent. He just thought of Giselle.
The first ray of sunlight shone through the windows. Dawn spread but nothing new happened. Robert finally got up. He had stayed up all night. Weary from sleep, he felt dizzy. He reached the window. Fiona stood there. "I'm going home", Robert said. Fiona looked at him with utter surprise. But she understood that he had to go home. Tell mom dad what had happened. It was his decision. He had to go. Fiona said nothing but silently opened the huge door. Robert stepped out. The whole garden looked green. Of course, the spell was finished. Now everything was back to normal. Except Robert and Giselle. What had happened?
"Bye Bye Robert!" Fiona waved to him. Robert went on. And then, suddenly, Fiona called him back. "Robert" Robert turned back. Fiona told. "Robert, your vehicle has been fixed. You will find it at the same place it broke down. "Robert thanked her and walked along the pathway. And then suddenly, Fiona called him again. "Now what?" Robert asked. "Are you sure that you are not forgetting anything?" Fiona asked. Of course Robert hadn't forgotten anything. Angrily he replied to Fiona that be had forgotten nothing back. And then all of a sudden, two beautiful blue eyes peaked out from the door and a smiling face peaked out which seemed to Robert like the world had gone wild. It was his sister. It was Giselle. Giselle came running towards him. She hugged him as hard as she could. Robert stood there stunned. For a moment he could think nothing. Then smiling he asked her how was she here. Giselle explained everything. She told that it seemed like hours when she was falling down the hole of hell. And finally when she reached down all that happened was that an old man was there who seemed as if he was about to punish the ghosts. It seemed as if he was the king. And when he came to know that Giselle was not a ghost, he escorted her back to the castle.
Robert could not believe it. Giselle was back. "Well, Fiona we should be leaving now" Giselle said. Fiona hugged them both and waved them good bye. It was a happy ending. Robert and Giselle, holding hands travelled along the path, out of the gate and to the spot where their vehicle had broken down. Just as Fiona had said, it was perfectly mended. And the car set of down the road to home!!

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Comments 16
Ayesha It's flawless! <3 i really liked all of de parts... keep it up :) Ayesha
May 25th 2015
Menahil There iz no part 7. It sayz LAST PART here. Menahil
Aug 13th 2014
Laibah When will part 7 come? ps, love your profile pic. so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Jan 19th 2014
Menahil Thank u all so much 4 the comments. Anam, I guess u r right. But dont take it in the wrong way. My profile says over proud. But trust me i am nothin lyk proud. I saved my profile more than a year ago. So i guess i must hv been more careful while writin in it. All of my hobbies in it are true. But i guessi should ve written it in a way which was didnot show me as proud. BTW plz tell me bout my story. And yes, one more thing, u guyz are gonna hear a new story 4rm me in May. Menahil
Jan 9th 2014
Anam Menahil i have read ur profile and about me i think that u r 2 much proud of urself and that singing is a bad habit!!!!!!!!!!!! Anam
Nov 1st 2013
Wafa Its the best story i ever read Wafa
Oct 24th 2013
Hiba Nyc one, loved all the parts of this story, please accept my friend request :) Hiba
Aug 1st 2013
Areeba Awesome stories Menahil! I really loved all parts of 13 O' Clock! Keep it up! I love your writing skills! Can u please please please add me as ur friend! I would really really love it because I love making friends! I have already sent u a friend request :) Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Khadijah Sorry I didn't comment on your last part I was soooooooooo happy that I forgot to comment. Really It was the best story I can not forget. When reading, I use my imagination but for this story I have used best of my imagination that I can never for get it. I have read this story twice. Khadijah
Aug 1st 2013
Gullasht AOA I m just joking Yar Gullasht
Jun 14th 2013
Menahil No plz Dr.Gullasht Menahil
Jun 7th 2013
Gullasht AOA are you the character mino ka susral H.F Gullasht
Apr 12th 2013
Dec 7th 2012
arifa Nice story Arifa
Nov 3rd 2012
Tooba Awsome............................Whoa no more stories from u????? THATS TORTURE! Tooba
Nov 3rd 2012
Menahil So finally, the last part of my story iz here. I really really hope tht u luv it. Thanxx once more 4 all teh comments n makin my story wht it iz 2day. I won't b writin more storyz now, cuz I guess I hv 2 concentrate a bit more on studiezz. Ocassionally, u may hear a bit 4rm me. Till then, Bye and thank u again. Menahil
Oct 31st 2012

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