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Iman Shahid
Iman Shahid
Pakistan Day
Published On Oct 25th 2012
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We are all very happy that Quaid-e-azam made Pakistan. Every year, we will gather and celebrate this day. The day that Pakistan was made, all our troubles had gone away. Many years ago, all the Muslims gathers in Lahore and they had only one dream and one mission: To make Pakistan. They fought and struggled to make Pakistan. They wanted freedom. Then the war ended with the creation of Pakistan. Now after all those years, they have done it. They completed thier mission. But during the time they were fighting in the war, many people lost their lives, lost their children, lost their homes, and many more. They risked their lives just to make Pakistan.
This is a poem about Pakistan.
Pakistan tujhe salaam,
Roushan rayhe tera kalaam,
Raat aur din chamke tera naam,
Tujhe se hay subha tujhe se mera shaym,
Her waqt yaad aati hay teri fizaeen,
Jab bhi leta hai koi, pardes mein tera naam,
Pakistan tujhe salaam!
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Comments 3
Tooba Gud Tooba
Nov 3rd 2012
barirah Very informative:) Barirah
Oct 26th 2012
hurriya Excellent!!! Hurriya
Oct 25th 2012

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