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Syed Maaz Bin Qamar
Syed Maaz Bin Qamar
Yanbu International School (yis)
Life Or Death? A Narrative Story
Published On Oct 24th 2012
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It was a fine morning when we were going to the neighbouring city for some work. Along the way, there were many cars and they all were fast as well. Because of their excessive pace, a car suddenly skidded across the surface and fell of the road.
As soon as it touched the rugged surface, it started rolling. Except for the road, the whole area around it was rocky and sandy. The pace of the car gave it enough energy to topple over and get back again into its original position several times. Eventually, because the car was small in size, it rolled for nearly a minute to achieve its inertia. 
These things made me anxious to find out about what happen next.  I told my friend to slow down a bit and we stopped our car just half a mile away from this incident. Without thinking, I then got out of the car and started walking towards the ruined car which was on the other side of the road.
The roads had five lanes and each one was about three feet wide. Everyone’s eyes were on that car and so were mine.
Meanwhile, while I was crossing the road, a convertible appeared from a mile away. Even though my eyes were fixed on the broken car, I did detect some of the colours moving swiftly towards. My mind was set and every part of my body was facing across the road into the desert.
When I was two lanes away from crossing the road, I finally heard my friend’s shout, “Run! The car is about to hit you!” And that’s when I looked towards my right, and I was stunned by this massive car accelerating towards me.
At that time, I came up with millions of questions about the driver coming towards me. My mind became jammed by the number of thoughts I had in my mind at that moment. But I forced my mind to think for a solution to get out of this dilemma as quickly as I can. And finally, my brain worked hard enough to work out the solution for this confusion.
With all my strength, I leaped towards my left and while doing that, I made sure that my whole body was out of the range of the car where it can hit. As soon as I fell on to the ground, the car went skimming past me like a shooting star. It blew out wind and dust at my face because of its momentum and scared me to death.
However, I was safe and after talking to my friend, I found that it wasn’t the driver’s fault either. The driver in that convertible had also fixed his eyes upon that rolling car across the road. But, from that point on, I learned a simple and a very important lesson which is taught to kindergarten kids. It was to always look around while crossing a road.
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Comments 3
Momina Good Momina
Dec 21st 2012
Syed Maaz I take that as a compliment Syed Maaz
Oct 31st 2012
HAJRA You can write more good stories it was not so good Hajra
Oct 30th 2012

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