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Mathilda Khan
Mathilda Khan
Bahria College Islamabad
My Maths Paper
Published On Oct 22nd 2012
Total Comments : 45
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October 2012

Rank 9 Out of 10
Today it was my maths paper
I studied so hard for it
But everything went away like water vapour
I managed to do division
As I had done so much revision
The next one was of area
Which made me feel like I had malaria
Then came the perimeter
Which crushed my brain with a beater
I knew that two plus two was four
But forgot it when I heard the teachers roar
She said students please don’t cheat
But that is what I really need
I knew how to do subtraction
But suddenly came a distraction
The ink finished in my pen
Oh man! What a real pain
That shows how math makes me insane
Now let’s see how much marks I gain!!

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Comments 45
Princess LOL Princess
Jun 7th 2015
eman Lovely Eman
Dec 13th 2014
mathilda Gud to see u again !! Mathilda
Oct 24th 2013
Emaan Hi Mathilda! Its me Emaan :) Emaan
Jul 31st 2013
mathilda Thankss :) XD Mathilda
Jul 27th 2013
afifah Brilliant and congrats for winning. Afifah
Jul 27th 2013
mathilda Hahahaha thanks for that!! :) Mathilda
Jul 22nd 2013
Maarij Maqsood I love maths but i love this tooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Maarij Maqsood
Jul 12th 2013
mathilda IDK why but i just dont like em Mathilda
Feb 18th 2013
Tooba Wonderful job !!!!!!!!!! n ccongratssssss!!!!!!!!! who dont like one direction......................? :) everyone do like it. Tooba
Feb 16th 2013
Nimra Ur welcome rafia i mean mathilda khan Nimra
Feb 13th 2013
mathilda Thnz alot nimra!!!! :p Mathilda
Feb 8th 2013
Nimra Congraatzz :) rafia i mean mahatilda khan Nimra
Feb 5th 2013
mathilda Thwankyou Mathilda
Jan 21st 2013
Soha Great work dear!! You deserve to win...! Soha
Jan 21st 2013
Emaan Thanks Mathilda!! Emaan
Jan 20th 2013
mathilda Id love to!!!:p Mathilda
Jan 11th 2013
Emaan Aww Mathilda that's my job :) Hey listen, my mom is a counselor, so she has taught me how to solve other people's problems . Come to me if you have any problems, Vshinelonians! Mathilda, can you be my manager? It'd be awesome if you accept my offer :) Whoever is reading this comment, SPREAD THE WORD! :D Oh, and have a nice day or whatever you call 24 hours :) Emaan
Jan 4th 2013
mathilda Nyc!!!but i guess i like enrique iglesias more:p Mathilda
Dec 14th 2012
Directioner Forever OMG MATHILDA I AM THE HUGEST DIRECTIONER....... Directioner Forever
Dec 12th 2012
mathilda Thanks Mathilda
Nov 26th 2012
Zerni MATHILDA congratz to be a my page winner.Keep on working!!! You have almost expressed everyone's feelings about MATHS.Anyhow, Maths is my favourite subject.Keep on working to become a POET.Again Congratulations!!!!! Zerni
Nov 24th 2012
Parihan Hey im in 5th Parihan
Nov 23rd 2012
mathilda Thanks Mathilda
Nov 17th 2012
Asavera Congrats Asavera
Nov 14th 2012
hurriya Congratulations, Mathilda! Hurriya
Nov 11th 2012
mathilda Thank u !!! eimaan u have really encouraged me alot Mathilda
Nov 10th 2012
Emaan This was destined to win, Rafia! Emaan
Nov 10th 2012
aqsa Nyc, nd im also a directioner Aqsa
Nov 8th 2012
Salwa Ohh wooww great work ..!! well tell the marks you will gain in that maths paper...:D anyways , CONGRATZZZ Salwa
Nov 8th 2012
mathilda Oh really!!! btw thank u all Mathilda
Nov 5th 2012
Emaan I KNEW IT! Your poem was destined to win! Congratulations, Mathilda! Emaan
Nov 3rd 2012
Amna Superb Amna
Nov 2nd 2012
mathilda Thaaanks everyone Mathilda
Nov 1st 2012
Duaa Congrax to be a winner Duaa
Nov 1st 2012
Zainab Wow i love it!! Zainab
Nov 1st 2012
Ashi Good job i like it very much Ashi
Oct 31st 2012
dfg Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 Dfg
Oct 31st 2012
mathilda Yup i do Mathilda
Oct 29th 2012
mathilda Thanks everyone i also like one direction the only thing i like in maths is algebra Mathilda
Oct 29th 2012
Directioner Forever Mathilda whats Ur real name?? And do u know abt one direction?? Directioner Forever
Oct 28th 2012
Directioner Forever Thats amazing Directioner Forever
Oct 28th 2012
Emaan Awesome. This is definitely what happened to me in 5th grade :D But now, surprisingly Maths is my fave sub! Emaan
Oct 26th 2012
mathilda Thank u Mathilda
Oct 26th 2012
Duaa Gud work Mathilda Khan Duaa
Oct 25th 2012

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