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Mubushra Humayun
Mubushra Humayun
The City School,kapco Colony
Published On Oct 21st 2012
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Son: Mom can you sign in the dark
Mother: Yes!! Of course
Son: So, mom please sign my result in the dark.
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Comments 22
Nov 22nd 2013
areeqa The thing is that some people on vshine are habitual of teasing n taunting cz they r jealous! N yes we cannot make such funny jokes by our selves! amen if u can make a joke by ur self then share it with us ! Areeqa
Jun 3rd 2013
noor-e- Is sana humayun your sister Noor-e-
May 4th 2013
mubushra Thanxx :P Mubushra
Feb 18th 2013
Raniah Funny Raniah
Feb 2nd 2013
mubushra Thanxx soha... em with u.. Mubushra
Dec 22nd 2012
Soha Doesn't matter Aimen, whatever you say................... I think for the people who haven't read this joke, It's new for them!! Like me...................... Cool one! Soha
Dec 19th 2012
mubushra Ohhh yup amna. u r rite... Mubushra
Nov 16th 2012
Amna Mubashera i think to avoid them........... Amna
Nov 15th 2012
dfg Nice!!!!!!!!! Dfg
Nov 10th 2012
mubushra Amna gud bt they didn't understand. This is their habit.. Mubushra
Nov 9th 2012
Amna Come on u guys, always saying cheater or commenting cheating that's it!!!!!!!!!!!just comment on this joke don't gave Ur advice....... Amna
Nov 7th 2012
Sehar Heard a thousand times that I am tired of it ! Sehar
Nov 7th 2012
Amna Hahahahahahahah....... Amna
Nov 7th 2012
fareeha Cheating you only change the name........................... Fareeha
Nov 6th 2012
mubushra Aimen its just 2 years ago joke by the way... u used 2 say cauze u r jealous!! Mubushra
Nov 4th 2012
Aiman Duaa thats one is an old joke ......ive already read it on different magazines......when i was of 5 years my aunt told me that joke then??? Aiman
Nov 2nd 2012
rija U r saying too me mubashra that i have stolen ur dp Rija
Oct 30th 2012
mubushra Cheating of dp... Mubushra
Oct 26th 2012
Duaa Aimen, why do think that we r cheating everytime? u posted the same at my joke too........ but the joke is funnyyyyy Duaa
Oct 26th 2012
rija Nice dp plzz add Rija
Oct 25th 2012
Aiman Cheating Aiman
Oct 24th 2012

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