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Iman Shahid
Iman Shahid
Published On Oct 21st 2012
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(It’s about a boy who suddenly becomes mean to his dog, Olpsi)
“Bye guys!” I called to my friends. I was walking home from school. Wait a minute, let me introduce myself. I am Hairy, Hairy Pottery. Most people confuse me as Harry Potter, but I am not him. Anyways, I love potatoes. I am from Greece. I have blue eyes and curly brown hair. I also have this really adorable dog. His name is Olpsi. Olpsi is chestnut brown with white spots. He is my best friend. He always waits for me at home so we can play together.
As I walked in my kitchen door, I saw Olpsi. He was sitting on the floor next to the table with a homework paper that I have been looking for since two weeks! Two weeks, can you imagine it?
“Thanks Olpsi! You’re the best dog in the world! My teacher would have killed me if I didn’t turn this in by the end of the week. Come here boy, give me a hug!” I told Olpsi excitedly. I was so relieved! Olpsi started running to me, since he just loves hugs. Then everything went in slow motion, I watched as Olpsi came running, he slipped on the paper and it ripped into pieces. He stopped and looked at me with big, brown eyes. He knew he did something wrong.
“OLPSI! BAD DOG! Go away! I never want to see your face again!” I yelled at Olpsi as my eyes filled with tears. He started whimpering sadly. I didn’t care. I was to mad and miserable to think about it. I ran upstairs to my bedroom.
“Now I have to have a whole entire month of detention.”  I grumbled to myself. “Why did stupid, old Olpsi have to go and rip that paper?” I asked myself.
“Ding Dong,” the bell rang. I raced downstairs to open the door for my mom, who just came home from the library. She has a part time job there.
“Mom, Mom!” I said to as soon as I opened the door.                                                                           
“Hold on kiddo! I just got home from work! Let me put my things away and was up first. I will be down in a minute.” She went upstairs. I paced around waiting for my mom.  Finally, she came back downstairs.
“So what’s up?” she asked, sinking down on the couch. I sat in a couch in front of her and told her all about Olpsi and my homework. Tears were burning in my eyes.
“Well, I’m sure Olpsi didn’t do it on purpose. He would never do such a thing; after all, he is your best friend.” She told me soothingly. Suddenly, I felt a pang of guiltiness.
“I know, I have to apologize to Olpsi,” So I got off the couch and went to look for Olpsi.
“Olpsi! Olpsi! Here boy!” There was no answer. He always comes when I call him…
Then I saw the cat flap, it was gently flapping. Suddenly, I knew where Olpsi was…he ran away.
“Oh no! Mom what am I going to do!? I feel so guilty!” I sobbed to my mom.
“Don’t worry, maybe he will come back,” Mom said, patting me on the back.
“What if he doesn’t?” I asked my voice wobbling. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold it anymore. My tears started falling, and falling, and falling… I cried for a long time.  Finally, I said,” Mom, I’m going outside to look for Olpsi.” I ran outside.  I called and called for Olpsi. My heart longed for him so badly. I looked for him everywhere. I looked in the backyard. I looked in the park. I looked in alleys. There was still no sign of Olpsi.
A few weeks later, Olpsi was still missing. I was watching TV on the couch. I was still very miserable. I would never give up on searching for him, never. I was absentmindedly staring at the screen, when I heard a scraping sound, I turned around.  And there was Olpsi, coming in from the cat flap.
“Oh Olpsi!” I ran to him and hugged him tightly, burying my face in his soft fur. I pulled away and looked at him.
“I am really sorry, Olpsi,” I told him. “Don’t ever leave me again.”
That’s when I learned my lesson. I should always be nice to everyone. If something goes wrong by accident, I shouldn’t be mad. Accidents happen all the time. And like a common saying “Everyone makes mistakes!”
I hugged Olpsi again. I wasn’t planning to let go any time soon!
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Comments 5
Anam Its quite heart touching .....i cried! yes i really did! Anam
May 21st 2014
 яυмαιsα Beautiful story!!!! яυмαιsα
Dec 23rd 2012
Momina Totally awesome u have skill MASHALLAH Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Momina This story was really good, I think you should write more like this. And I liked your introduction, when he said Hairy Pottery. You really are deserving of winning. So keep writing, cause you are quite talented MASHALLAH. Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Aiman Luv it Aiman
Oct 25th 2012

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