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Iman Shahid
Iman Shahid
The Magical Potato Potion
Published On Oct 18th 2012
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October 2012

Rank 9 Out of 10
(A boy who turns into a potato and has to try to find a way to turn back into a human)
“Mom, I’m home!” I called. I walked in the back door. As I step into the kitchen, I see something shiny on the kitchen table. I walk closer to get a better look. It was a tiny bottle. I read the label. It says Potato Potion. I thought it was a joke, so I opened it and drank it…
Suddenly, everything was pitch black. I closed my eyes. When I opened them a few minutes later, I was in a vegetable garden! I looked around. There were many vegetables growing. I looked up, there was a tree shading a big patch of the vegetable garden. I looked down at myself, I screamed.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I was a potato, a leather brown potato.
“Stop the screaming will you?” said a voice. I looked around. Then I saw a carrot talking to me. I was shocked. A carrot was talking to me. I looked him over. He was slim, but big.
“My name is Jim, what’s yours?” He said gruffly.
“A-A-Alex,” I stammered. The carrot was making me so nervous!
“This is Betty,” Jim gestured to a tomato, a fat, round, cherry red tomato.
“Hi there!” she said, excitedly.
“And this is Max,” He pointed to another potato, that looked just like himself.
“How am I a potato?” I asked them worriedly, not bothering to answer them. He was much too nervous.
“Well, you must have drunk the potato potion,” said Max.
“Yeah, I think I did,” I said. “I thought it was a joke!”
“Well, it ain’t,” said Jim.
“Will I ever be human again?” I asked them hopefully. Betty, Jim, and Max looked at each other.
“There is one way Alex, but it’s the hard way,” said Betty finally.
“What is it?” I asked eagerly. I was willing to do whatever it takes to be human again.
“The human potion is in the kitchen cupboard,” said Max.
“You have to go at night because the human potion only appears at that time,” added Jim.
“I am ready to do it,” I said confidently. “I am going now because it might take a long time to get there especially since I’m a potato.
“Oh no,” I thought. “I don’t have arms and legs!” I pushed and pushed. Suddenly, two arms and legs popped out. “Ahhh, much better,” I thought to myself.
“Goodbye!” I called to my vegetable friends.
“Bye!” called Betty.
“See you soon, buddy!” yelled Max.
“Good luck!” shouted Jim. I stood up and was ready to go. I jogged to the house. It took quite a while. Then the steps came up to the kitchen door. I found a plant, it was very sticky. I held on to it and swung up.
I climbed through the cat flap. “Now I just have to get up to the cupboard,” I thought.  I jumped on a stool. Then I grabbed the handle of a cupboard. I pulled myself up. Finally, I opened the cupboard. There, sitting right in front of me was a bottle that said Human Potion. I grabbed the bottle and opened it. It smelled like stinky feet. But I still drank it. It was very bitter.
Again, everything went black. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, everything was crystal clear. I was walking in the kitchen. I saw the potato potion on the table again. I put it in a box and threw it away. Then I ran upstairs to find my mother and tell her all about my wonderful adventure!
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Comments 14
aasiya Humm veru nysh...!really <3 it! Aasiya
Mar 22nd 2013
Soha Your story is published in the magazine! In December edition........! Soha
Jan 25th 2013
Momina Really good YOU really deserved to be the winner cause your stories are awesoem and i loved your story alot congratz your family must be proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 love it Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Zerni AWESOME Iman!!! Congratz on being a my page winner Zerni
Nov 24th 2012
Abeer Nice...... :) Abeer
Nov 21st 2012
Soha Nice story and congratulations! Soha
Nov 21st 2012
Iman Thanks! Hey did you also win the October 2012? I did! Iman
Nov 17th 2012
Nov 12th 2012
Tooba Nice Tooba
Nov 3rd 2012
Amna I like it................................. Amna
Nov 2nd 2012
Duaa <3 it even more than u Iman Duaa
Nov 1st 2012
Muhammad Congratulation 2 the Winner Muhammad
Nov 1st 2012
Aiman Nice Aiman
Oct 25th 2012
Iman Its a good story right? I hope you guys love it as much as i do! Iman
Oct 23rd 2012

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